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Arkansas Polarity Pyramid, Heart, Sphere & Pentagon

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The crystal polarity has a strong impact on the growth and the orgone energy output of the device this is why I have been testing my crystals to check which way the energy flows and to what strength. I have found that pointing the 5 Arkansas Double terminated points (The hearts only have 1 & Spheres 2) in aslternate directions based on the polarity test I have determined that it created an erratic energy field within the device. The energy tends to rebound off eachother creating a more powerful output. 


After measuring the energy output I also realised that the energy being very erattic it was impossible to identify as to which direction the energy comes out and from where as it is also from different directions each time. 

This works wonderers with other crystals as they always seem to have a charge, the whole device seems to have a Piezoelectric charge since I made them many months ago. 

Other crystals within this device are Shungite, Nuumite, Amethyst, Boji, Rough Snow Quartz, Tourmaline & Hematite.


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Reviewer: Charlie Wadhurst   5 Stars
I got my delivery and the effect is outstanding! I had barely placed the chembuster outside with a bunch of TB's when the sky started rapidly transforming and before long the sky was the blue it should be and there were sylphs galore and many birds were flying and circling above, it was very magical :) The next day many many chemtrails where dropped over and around my house, lots of which were those supersize ones that seem to have 4 sprays coming out instead of 2. The ones dropped directly above quickly broke apart and dissipated and once they stopped the bombardment the entire sky went back to normal within a couple of hours - no haze at all! :) Several low flying light aircraft have circled round here over the last 3 days which never happens so I guess they were seeing what the disturbance was. And now the sky is big and blue with proper white fluffy clouds. And when ever a chemtrail is dumped it's neutralized so fast I can hardly believe it! I haven't even added the extension pipes yet. Thank you so much for making such great Orgonite at such a good price. It's so exciting and satisfying to see the changes I am definitely going to start making and gifting. :)