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Coasters, Place-mats and Charging Boards

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The Charging Board, Discs, Plate, Coasters & Placemats have been designed to infuse Orgone and Crystal energy into the item placed upon it and if used with water can give it a slightly different taste which is likened to spring water. Simply leave whichever item you need the vibrational level raising on the device for 12-24 hrs.
I use these myself for charging my crystals before I place them into the Orgonite I am making. We also use them for charging fruit, water, oils, spells and elixir. I place mine under my fruit bowl my water bottles, water filter, water distiller, crystals to increase their energy. Plants also will benefit by being placed upon them. You can also place one in the freezer above a glass of water and experiment; I am sure you will be quite surprised by the results....