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Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator 144 MHZ Sacred Cubit

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  • Perfect in any size and cubit to carry with you anywhere. Can be folded like a bracelet and put it inside your bag;
  • 1/8 cubit, best in 144mhz, can be used as a pendulum to dowse;
  • Put 4 spheres (1/8 or 1/4 cubit) in the 4 corners of your bedroom - 2 of the 144mhz and 2 of the 177mhz – and 1 in 188mhz at the center of the room, floor or in the ceiling; this will cancel the geopathic stress lines (Hartmann and Curry Grid, ley lines, water lines, etc.); if you wish you can put inside the 4 corners spheres a piece of Black Tourmaline or Shungite Crystals and in the center sphere always a white crystals like Selenite;
  • The 144mhz and 177mhz 1/8 cubit spheres are perfect to use as a necklace pendants;
  • Use it under your, at center of your 2nd chakra, to protect you while you sleep and to provide healing and a better sleep;
  • Place it under a therapy/massage table;
  • Put inside of it any medicine, food, water or thing you want o to clear of bad vibes and to energize.
  • Hold it while you meditate to amplify its intentions, wishes, dreams, for the highest good of you and ALL.
  • It will align all the bodies and chakras, weather is under or on the top of each chakra for clearing and realignment.
  • Remediates the harmful effects of EMF pollution.
The basic function of the Tensor Field Generator is to recycle stagnant negative energy, also known as dead orgone (DOR) into a healthy, pure positive orgone (POR), otherwise known as life- force energy or chi energy. This energy-regenerating emitter can be used to refresh the energy of a person, room, office or entire house.  Simply place your Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator in a room where you feel the energy needs to be improved.

DOR or deadly orgone radiation is created when the invisible sensitive life force energy, which surrounds and permeates everything is agitated and finally killed off by electromagnetic pollution.  All electrical appliances give off this radiation, which is disharmonious frequencies of the human brain.  It causes electromagnetic stress.  Humans will feel stressed-out, angry or shut down.  Repeated exposure to DOR causes dullness, lethargy, headaches, insomnia and eventually degenerative diseases. Mobile phones give off the most aggressive form of electromagnetic radiation known to man, and the mobile unit is placed right next to the human brain while being used which interferes with subtle invisible brain waves.

This Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator makes a direct connection with the Universal Force to manifest thought into the physical world. This Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator can be used to vitalize and support powers of self-regeneration. Hang this emitter in a place in your home to create a strong healing vibration and clear the atmosphere of negative energies, enabling you to awaken the gentle art of living in harmony. Orgone fields are generated inside the spheres and move in the direction of a magnetic field, having constant motion in an upward tendency.

Hang (ideally) or place this Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator in the corner of a room and you will be able to feel a pleasant flow of warm positive energy fill the room with a glow of delight. I also hang this device on my front porch to greet guest and help give them a comfortable welcoming. You can use this Tensor Field Orgone Energy Generator outside and it will last a lifetime. I placed one at each corner of my bedroom and wow!

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