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Tensor Harmony Coil With 1/8 Tensor Ring Generator and Infinity Heart

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  • This can only be for personal use only. This pendant is personal it is for you only, not to be used it in other to heal for example. You can hang out in a wall, or car, you know, things like that; but is more effective when a person wears it.
  • The tensor coil embodies the masculine divine energy; the tensor field generator (sphere) embodies de feminine divine energy and the Infinity Heart bonds them together, connecting the person to Its Sacred heart and the Heart of The Universe.
  • Creates an energy flow of infinite abundance.
  • Wear it in a way that it aligns to the heart chakra.
  • It embodies all the capacities/abilities of the 3 tools in separated in one super powerful personal tool.

This Harmony Coil pendant is quite a big pendant, having said that it is the most powerful protection pendant available today anywhere. It can be used in a similar way to the acuvac tool Slim Spurling made, worn as a keyring or placed under your bed, desk or anywhere as it resonates and some amazing frequencies of 144 MHZ. It has been constructed with a harmonic coil with 14 spirals, a 1/8 Tensor generator and an Infinity heart. Hvng th pendant n ur fld r ur vbrtn, ln, lr nd nnt chakras and auric field. It can also be used whilst meditation and manifestation.

It n f th mt rfund fntt hnmnl ndnt vr rtd nwhr ntm nd on n dmnnl ln. Th pendant n b wr n n knd f mtrl uh mtl, nln, r lthr rd (supplied 22").

Th Hrmn Cl uld b ndrd hv nd bulk a ndnt, but I lv t wr t uh. Thr r mn thr t f th t f Cl whh m thrugh, but fr th drm tt, t  dfntl wll mk u rmmbr drm whn u nnt wth t nd l nr t.  

Th Hrmny Cl rt a multdmnnl nntn t th Lght R, rtl, mnrl, nd lnt kngdm, Erth Elmntl, nd Hghr Sul Slf nd ur Multdmnnl Hrt whl th Trn Fld Gnrtr nnt ur heart nd hd nd MrKB fld v th Tnr Fld nd rtt frm Eltrmgnt nd Gth Strr.

Th Hrmn Hrt ntrtwnd wth th Nw Cl, rtng tht Hrt/Sul nntn. Th Tnr fld frm th l flw n nd ut bth nd multnul t rt a Tru-hd nrg fld. Th ntr f a Tub Tru a Blk Whl, a rtl where th nmng nd utgng flw mt.  Th Blk Whl th nt f Crtn nd nnt ll tht . Th Blk hl l u ur ttntn nd ntntn t rt, trnmt, hrmnz, hl, nd frth.  Th Tub Tru nd th blk Whl r mrtnt tl. Th Infnt Cl nntl rt a Multdmnnl nntn t th Lght R, rtl, mnrl, nd lnt kngdm, Elmntl, nd Hghr Sul Slf nd Sul At- for th Grtt Gd.


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