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White Orgone Increase Vibrational Level Higher Self Aura Domes

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The following devices with increase the vibrations of the location with a radius of 2 meters per dome. They will help connecting with your higher self, auras and invoking spirits.

Attract positive spirits
Block negative spirits
Cleanse the room
Make channelling easier and safer
Block negative energies
Remove blocks
Block any negative energy from attaching
Enhance calm and relaxation
Keep wearer adaptable to changes in plans

Due to the Sacred Geometric structure of the crystals inside they will enhance the power of the Orgonites inside the device, this can only be a good thing for anyone in the same room as the device as our bodies will absorb all of the positive energy that shoots out of the device in every direction.

After researching and using a Kirlian camera the aura was noticeably brighter and larger if used continuously over a period of two months. Chakras have also become more balanced and attuned for the user of the Photon Orgone device and many people have noticed an increase in their sixth sense by making better business or personal decisions.


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