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23ct Gold Tower Busters Regular Size

Product code: 10 small black domes
Newly designed towerbusters which in theory should be beneficial on reducing the effets of 5G. Enhanced energy projectoin from the devices have been reported and a more intense energy, so in theory should be able to reduce the negativive effects of 5G and Smart meters.
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Crystal's and Metal's in Tower Buster's

The Metals and Crystals are the most important part of Orgonites so this is why I add more than just one metal and more than just one crystal to each Tower Buster.

Each metal radiates a colour and frequency and I wanted the full colour spectrum to radiate out of these Tower Busters from every direction, something which I have wanted to do for the last few years but until now it had eluded me. Colour has a massive impact on our life without us even knowing it, the more colours and frequencies Orgonites radiates the better and more powerful it becomes and the better it is for us. These tower busters now radiate the full colour spectrum thanks to the metals within these Tower busters.

I have also added the following metals and crystals to these super powerful Tower Busters; Titanium, Steel, Copper, Brass, 23ct Gold and Aluminium. The gemstones and crystals have been chosen based on their properties and ability to neutralise negative energy they are; Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamond, Rutilated Quartz, Ruby, Chalcedony, Mica, and Topaz.

They are self clearing and cleansing however it cant help burying them in soil to give the crystals a little recharge for 24 hours on a new or full moon every couple of months.

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Robert from Stratford upon Avon
Really well made for such a reasonable price. I can't fault the tower busters, they look great in black and with gold speckles (among other metals). Since i put this in my room (along with a pyramid) my life has changed. I live in a hostel after falling on hard times and it's a very negative place (and within a mile of a cell tower). Since receiving the pyramid and 4 tower busters my room has lost it's murky darkness and my depression has moved to a higher, more bearable level. I would recommend Photon Orgone products to anyone.
Holly Ollivander from Darkest Wales
I was inspired to gather all my Suli-made tower busters placed within my house the day before the New Moon and set them in the garden to rest and recharge. 

The Evil Ones™ put up the first large cell site in our area last Autumn a mile away from my house, hence my further investigations into Orgonite. This summer, for the first time, there have been no bees, butterflies and birds until yesterday. I returned from a bike ride and as I neared home I saw swallows and swifts swooping and dancing around my house — only my house — nowhere else in the village.

This morning the butterflies were back, and I nearly inhaled one of the many bumblebees present, then I put it together - it was Suli’s tower busters laid out in the soil of the garden beds to recharge - all the wildlife clearly sees my garden as a sanctuary now.

I’m a true believer. I will also be purchasing a Cloud Buster. Many, many thanks for the work you do to make our world a better place.
richard from grimsby
having found this site from eBay over the yrs i have purchased devices from here, for my own gifting in my home town of especially the tower busters, but have also passed on to others who have now purchased devices for their means and i can honestly say having and working with and dowsing energies before and after being placed , this is a most trusted site and guy who is truly in tune with the orgone understanding , thank you
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Product Code 10 small black domes