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23k Gold Tip Cosmic Ordering Manifestation/Zen Meditation Giza Green Pyramid

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Many people lucky enough to feel energy have a tickling sensation all over their body when they touch it, I've never come across this before it may also be down to the it may also be down to the fact that I’ve added "magical" stones to the device such as Citrine, Garnet, Malachite, Smokey Quartz, Ametrine, Aventurine, Fire Opal, Green Calcite, Jade, Sapphire & Atlantasite.
Each unit is self-clearing and will never cease to work as I have added specific crystals such as Clear Quartz, Lemurian Crystals, Herkimer Diamonds, Kyanite & Selenite.
Cosmic Ordering, Law Of Attraction, Visualisation or Manifestation are all very similar lost and forgotten ancient techniques that give you the power to shape your own destiny, using this device and following my very simple, yet extremely powerful guide you will be able to obtain what was previously unobtainable in your previous mind set with my Photon Orgone device and guide. You will be able to place your first cosmic order as soon as you receive the package. I will teach you how to make a meditation space to unlock the natural powers of the cosmos by giving you another orgone guide giving you strategic locations to place orgonites to create a protective field.

This device and Guide will change your life forever!
This cosmic ordering device has been designed to increase the vibrations to attract your desire. 
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Steve from New York
Gorgeous piece. The green is a little darker in person. Corners are pointy. Beautiful. Shipped very securely.
David from England (UK)
Great products - I can confirm that these Pyramids have an Orgone/Prana/Qi Scalar Vortex Wave that exits as a spiral from the top of the Pyramid..... my wife can see such things, and I can feel them!
Uri from UK
As a psychic I personally use this one to meditate with. I find it very calming after working all day with spirits. I have bought orgone from other people but nothing is as powerful as this. The energy comes out of each side and the 5 tips, I have never known this to happen before.
Jan from Essex England
I feel that the cosmic ordering pyramid 'helps more positive events occur in all different areas of my life'..
The changes are very apparent..not just for me but for other family members.
I have waited a while before writing a review ..
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Product Code Gold Tip Green Pyramid