23k Gold Tip Purple Astral Travel Pyramid

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As gold is the best conductor when used to make Orgonintes I thought I should start there, I first started to mix the gold with the other materials such as Brass, Copper, Silver, Tin & Titanium and found it to work well but I wanted something amazing....

I tried placing the gold in different locations within the pyramid in the centre like a heart, at the bottom on the outsides as a coating using a laminating resin but the best by far was when I place the gold at the tip of the pyramid. As the great Giza pyramid had once a gold tip it seems to activate the Orgone pyramid, stimulating the whole device and Crystals within allowing this function exceptionally well.
Inside each device a put a base mix of 5 Double Terminated Quartz Points, Kyanite, Selenite, Quartz Powder, Shungite, Pyrite, Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, Tin, Brass and Sun Dried Colloidal Silver.
We also add in addition to the above the following crystals to this device:

Black Tourmaline
Herkimer Diamond
The agate harmonized the body’s energy and Amethyst clears the mind making it ready for travel. Malachite helps your mind adjust to the changes calmly while the Scolecite specifically aids in astral travels, I have also added chiastolite cross as this repels evil spirits and alien entities you may encounter whilst travelling.

This device will help with the following:
Increase Astral Travel Success
Enhances Meditations
Block negative influence
Increased intuition
Block any negative energy from attaching
Enhance calm and relaxation
Keep wearer adaptable to changes in plans
Due to the Sacred Geometric structure of the crystals inside they will enhance the power of the Orgonite inside the pyramid, this can only be a good thing for anyone in the same room as the pyramid as our bodies will absorb all of the positive energy that shoots out of the pendant in every direction.
I have managed to enhance this pyramid after much testing to the point that i truly believe Tachyon sub atomic particles shoot out of the pendant, these are also referred to as Zero Point energies which will kick-start the body into raising its vibrations laying the foundations to take your mind to the next level of awareness.
How Orgonites Work
Everything around us is made up of atoms and they can communicate within each other by sending electrons this is done, for example in the same way as we communicate with each-other by talking, we are basically atoms sending signals (electrons) to each other.
Electrical devices such as Mobile (Cell) Phones, Routers, Laptop's, Computers, I pod’s etc. send out electrons but they are not harmonised, this causes our system to become out of synchronisation causing us to become stressed, develop illnesses, more allergies, put on weight along with many other issues.
Crystals and anything from the earth possesses harmonised electrons this is why Photon Orgone have many of them in orgonites due to the volume of crystals used. The metals within the polyester resin casing of the orgonites attract the negative electrons it is then pushed through the crystals and then the negative electron comes out harmonised.

This device and Guide could change your life forever!
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Hi Suli, Thanks so much for making these pyramids. This one is very special I feel guidance 'come with me I've got something to show you' 'I'll take good care of you' its very loving and gentle and feel I can trust it... I just want to close my eyes... The energy is really powerful with this one as I'm typing its still on my knee and I feel like its wanting me to sleep very subtle feeling of 'lets meditate' but its not that, its actually 'let's go to sleep' .... I really feel nurtured. Very beautiful peice

Brian O'Hagan | Melbourne, Australia | September 2015

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