5 G Frequency Devices

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  • Orgone Pulser 14hz

    Orgone Pulser 14hz

    The main use of this is to connect a succor punch to give your orgonite devices a massive boost or used as a personal protection device. You can also use it as the power generator for a powerwand as it radiates 14mhz. The original creator of the Orgone Pulser was Don Croft and was a personal handheld modification based on Dr. Reich’s technology. The Pulser consists of both the Orgone and an electrical circuit that has a modified coil called the mobius. The Orgone is layers of Organic and inorganic matter, crystals, monatomic gold and other energy amplifying ingredients. Combining these components together the results yield a highly concentrated number of Life-force energy (Orgone/harmonized electrons)
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