5 G Harmonising Pendants

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  • 5G PROTECTION - Metatron Cube 3d Stainless Steel Pendant

    5G PROTECTION - Metatron Cube 3d Stainless Steel Pendant

    Each pendant has a high shine finish and is made out of stainless steel (including the chain) so it will never tarnish or rust, or cause irritation like other cheap alloys other similar pendants are made out of.  Each Symbol has I diameter of 35mm Can be used as a key ring or pendant. Has been designed using sacred geometric ratios in order to harness the full power of the symbol.  All pendants symbols have been chosen by their positive effects on the human body such as strengthening the auric field, chakras, manifestation aid, manifestation aid and protective capabilities such as reducing the effects of radiation and psychic attack. ​
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  • Heart Orgone 5G/EMF &  Ascension Pendant

    Heart Orgone 5G/EMF & Ascension Pendant

    This Ascension device has a primary functionality of Ascension raisong your vibrational frequency to the next level, this will also protect your auric field as its secondary functionality is EMF, 5G and  radiation harmonisation - this will be excellent to wear all the time or a few hours a day, these can even be placed in your pocket or bag, as long as its within a metre of your body then it will benefit you.