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5 Piece Orgone Grid Matrix Starter Kit

Product code: 1 black pyramid 2 large blk domes & 2 small black domes
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This 5 piece Orgone Grid Matrix is perfect for anyone wanting to build their collection of Orgone Energy Generators and to increase their protection from negative energy.

You will receive 1 Orgone pyramid 8.5 x 6.5 cm in dimension, 2 Tower Busters of 5 x 2 cm and two double strength Tower Busters of 6.5 x 2.5cm dimensions and a full instruction guide detail the best locations to place your devices.

They have been designed to be placed in or near electrical devices in your room as I recommended one set per room. You simply place the pyramid on the largest electrical device in your room and the TB's on the rest of the electrical devices in your room. Doing this will help neutralise negative energy caused by all electrical and wireless devices such as TV’s, Laptops, Wireless Routers etc.

Everything around us is made up of atoms and they can communicate within each other by sending electrons this is done, for example in the same way as we communicate with each-other by talking we are basically atoms sending signals (electrons) to each other.  All of the electrical devices such as Mobile (Cell) Phones, Routers, Laptop's, Computers, Ipod's etc. send out electrons but they are not harmonised, this causes our system to become out of synchronisation causing us to become stressed, have more allergies, and put on weight and many other issues. 

Crystals, gemstones, earth soil and anything touching or from the earth possesses harmonised electrons this is why Photon Orgone use so many crystals in our Orgone devices. The metals within the polyester resin casing of the orgonites attract the negative electrons it is then pushed through the crystals and then the negative electron comes out harmonised.

Each device has been loaded with the following crystals as they are amazing at absorbing and clearing negative energy:

Double Terminated Quartz Points x 5 (Only in Pyramids)
Shungite Powder
Black Tourmaline
Rutilated Quartz

Each correctly manufactured unit hand made by us may help with the following:
• Increase Productivity
• Improve Oneness with Themselves
• Improves Thinking Clarity
• Allows Deeper Meditation
• Reduce Effects of Radiation caused by wireless technology
• Reduce Effects of Electro Magnetic Fields from Electrical Devices
• Reduce Effects of Electricity leakages from TV’s, Microwaves etc.
• Neutralize Chemtrails and toxins in our air

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Lou from Arizona, USA
Never heard of orgone before and bought this as a good starter set as was recommended by my friend. Placed pyramid on router and the others around the bedroom felt instant relief from them. headaches seemed to wain a little as have them all day every day. I will keep you updated will definitely buy more.
Boris from Stoke On Trent
Love the look of these tb's I placed them on the router, tv and under my bed with pyramid. I used to get headaches a lot and these seem to be beneficial for that! I would recommend Suli's orgonite to anyone. He definitely has a powerful product for a great price. Thanks Suli!
Max Y from Australia
Love the look & feel of these devices. Anybody new to orgonites should definitely start here. These pieces can be used for various positive purposes or placed around electronic devices to reduce electromagnetic radiation.
Thanks to Suli for providing us with these orgonites and continuing the legacy of Wilhelm Reich 😀
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Product Code 1 black pyramid 2 large blk domes & 2 small black domes