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5G Optimised Geometric Orgone Spiritual Octogonal 23k Brass Shungite 8 Sided Pyramid

These 8 sided devices have had my magnetic negative polarity sand along with a tensor generator in order to create a electromagnetic field around the device with a 2 metre radius. These are multiĀ use devices so they can also be used for manifestation, meditation and astral travel. If you solely require 5G protection please choose one of the designated 5G devices from the relevant category as these are not as powerful and 5G harmonisation as those.Ā 
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These 8 sided devices have had my magnetic negative polarity sand along with a tensor generator in order to create a electromagnetic field around the device with a 2 metre radius. These are multi use devices so they can also be used for manifestation, meditation and astral travel. If you solely require 5G protection please choose one of the designated 5G devices from the relevant category as these are not as powerful and 5G harmonisation as those. 

 I have made this "Geo Orgone" device with genuine 23 karat Gold flakes, Copper, Silver, Titanium and Brass with the intention of making something that will be beneficial for everything from Psychic protection, Chakra healing to Meditating it is a very versatile device, this is mainly down to the metals, crystals and gemstones I have incorporated into the device. Please see below for a complete list of properties each ingredient brings to this amazing device.
I have created three devices in my Gold, Copper and Silver range. An Octagonal (Approx. 8.5 x 8.5cm), a Tetrahedron (Approx. 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5cm) and a Nubian Pyramid (Approx. 7.5 x 11cm Height)
I wanted the full colour spectrum to radiate out of this device from every direction, something which I have wanted to do for the last few years but until now it had eluded me. I had tried many combinations of crystals, metals and gemstones. This device will give of all the colours of the spectrum so it will be a very powerful device because of various frequencies in all directions it emits and the frequencies will reach further radius than any other device I have created before this. I truly feel that this is one of the most versatile devices available. Colour has a massive impact on our life without us even knowing it, the more balanced of the colours and frequencies of the device is the better and more powerful it becomes. The balance of metals, gemstones and crystals have been chosen based on the principles of colour therapy, of which I have been studying and experimenting with for the last 15 years.
I have added crystals and gemstones such as Haematite, Quartz Points (1 point to each corner of the device and has been wrapped to the royal cubit) Selenite, Pyrite, Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Shungite, Amber, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Sodalite, Rutilated Quartz, Monatomic Gold, Gold Flake, Silver Flake, Copper Flake/Granules, Brass, Titanium & Iron.
Please see below I have complied a list of properties each gemstone, metal, colour and crystal within the device hold.
The following metals radiate the following colours:
Copper:  Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Indigo
Titanium: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet
Iron:   Red, Orange, Indigo & Violet
Gold:  Yellow,
The above colours relate to the below properties:
Green: Growth, Knowledge, Earth Connection, Grounding, Earthing, Vitality, Health
Red: Passion, Power, Lust, Strength.
Orange: Stimulation, Action, Energy, Creativity, Productivity
Yellow: Intelligence, Mental Clarity, Alertness, Open Mind, God Energy, Solar Energy, Planetary Influences.
Purple/Indigo: Magical Ability, Manifestation, Creation, Alchemy, High Spirituality, Third-eye Awareness, Spiritual Wisdom.
Blue: Psychic Ability, Psychic Vision, Premonitions, Prophetic dreams, Peace, Tranquillity, Serenity, Healing, Kindness, Psychic Awareness.
The crystals within the device yield the following properties:
Haematite - Concentration, Memory, Grounding, Protection, Earth Connection, balances meridians within the body, Dissolves negativity, aid for addictive substances.
Selenite: Lend energy to body, Very High Frequency, Lifts your mood, Balances, Healing stone - hold over 3rd eye to transmit healing/message to another person.
Pyrite - Deflection of harm and negativity, protection stone, Shielding, Inspires creativity, increases leadership qualities.
Kyanite: Never Needs Clearing or Charging, Attunes, Align Chakras especially 3rd Eye, Throat Chakra, Stimulates Communication and Psychic awareness on all levels. Aries, Libra & Taurus.
Rose Quartz: Love, Surrounds Body with rays of Pink, Stress, Self-Love, Compassion & Taurus.
Amethyst: Travel protection, Associated with Venus and Number 3, Eradicate Addiction, Boosts Energy, Psychic Stone, Spiritual Enhancement, Star sign Aquarius/Pisces.
Shungite: Healing stone, Absorbs Radiation, Water Cleanser with potent healing vibration.
Amber: Opens Energy Channels, Electrically Charged when Rubbed, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius.
Black Tourmaline: Ancient Healing Stone, Teller Stone, Shamans Powerful healing and Protection Stone, Activates/Clears Chakras, Balances Yin/Yang, Synchronises Left and Right Brain, Repels Negativity, Shields Radiation, Powerful protection against electro-magnetic fields (EMF's), Astral projection amplification and Leo.
Citrine: Raises Vibrations to the Spiritual Realities, Wealth, Confidence, Psychic Enhancement, Stimulates Mental Creativity, Eliminates Toxins in Chakras, Opens our minds to superior ideas, Helps asthma sufferers, Wealth, Confidence, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aries.
Turquoise: Use with Amber, Native American Indians Protective stone, Dispels Negativity, Clears Aura, Changes colour at time of Impending Danger, Protect against Pollution, Hathor, Buddha, The Great Spirit, Associated Metals Gold. Magical Properties, Guardian against negative magic, Travellers stone & Wealth, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Pisces.
Tigers Eye: Travellers Stone, Intuition, Psychic Development, Protection during Battle, Balancing Brain Hemispheres, Wealth Attraction, Increases Life Force/Orgone Energy within Body, Leo.
Sodalite: Mental clarity, calming stone, Joy to heavy heart, self-esteem/trust/acceptance, harmony, trust, balancing stone.
Clear Rutilated Quartz: Repels Harmful Energies and Psychic Attack, Reduce Stress, Increase the "Law of Harmony", Increase Career Prospects, Increase Energy, Refresh Kundalini and Serpents Fire (which is at the base of the spine, this usually lies dormant in most of us but this stone can help activate it causing energy running up the spine to the brain causing the 3rd eye to activate)
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Stig from Italy
Bought this to use with cosmic ordering, but Suli sent a few other guides that are compatible with this pyramid. My meditations and chakras are all lined up. Also looks great can see crystals and all metals.
Brian O'Hagan from Melbourne, Australia
Hi Suli, I'm getting so drawn into the orgone i've ordered from you, what I got from the Geo Orgone pyramid is that it feels grounding with vision focus and energy of 'I know who I am and what I want', its really beautiful to observe aswell, thank you.
Robert from Stratford upon Avon
This is the most amazing piece of kit I have ever bought! In less than a day it has altered the space in my room to make it feel like i'm permanently in the perfect therapy session. I have a visceral feeling of not being able to hold on to negative memories (i have had a long history of paranoia and depression) and each time something comes up, it feels like I am being sensitively understood to the level that i can let go! It feels alive :-) I'm sure that it has affected the level of energy so much that my spiritual guides can connect with me directly. Well done Suli :-)
Clare Wilson from Honley holmfirth
I have had this piece for over a year or so now it is really powerful and harmonises my life my home and I love it. I meditate and find that it really helps me focus and get a deeper meditation I have bought another for a sick friend who would really benefit from having your orgone in her life So I bought her one as a wedding gift as she was attracted to mine when she saw it I would highly recommend buying this Irvine device 😀
TSB from East anglia
Had a problem with my order but communication with Suli was easy and he was quick to resolve my issueThankyou!I have previously ordered the starter kit and now some more tower busters and life force enhancement domes.This pyramid looks great..and seems well made...seems amazing .hopefully orgonite will benefit all life ..like being vegan does!. Thanks Suli
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