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Laminin Vs Amino Booster

Many of you will have bought Laminin from my SorganicS website over the last 12 months and the feedback and testimonials I have received is more than impressive.  I was a distributor of that amazing product until now..... Click on the picture below to find out more and to save some money!

                                                                                                                                                                       The reason I have stopped is that I have found something which is cheaper (you get 120 capsules for £29.99, as apose to Laminin 30 Capsules £32.99), My Amino Booster has more Avian Egg Extract (Young Tissue Extract) per capsule at 325mg (Laminin YTE 210mg per capsule). The full size of both capsules are 625mg. This amazing product is called Amino Booster!

A £29.99 tub of Amino Booster which holds 120 x 625mg capsules will last you 2 months if you take 2 per day.  Laminin costs £29.99 and last 15 days as you only get 30 in a tub. Laminin also recommend 3 per day as there is less Avian Egg Extract (Young Tissue Extract) in the Laminin product.

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This amazing UK based company who are buying the YTE Young Tissue Extract directly from the original Norwegian organic free range farms in Norway (who supply Laminin), straight from the patent holder. What frustrated me about laminin was that they were not being generous with how much they actually gave you so you would get the whole saturation dose issue which was too costly for many people to even try as each tub of 30 capsules would last little over 1 week. 

Wonderfully the new UK company are actually providing pure YTE tablets, each of which contains more egg extract than the laminin AND you get 120 capsules! This means that you can take a very meaningful amount of YTE / amino acids every day affordable and get the same benefits as found with all of the official clinical studies. Needless to say I am quite amazed at the value of this product and indeed the potential for helping others is now far greater. Even better Amino Boost is a UK company selling the pure YTE which is already fully legal throughout the EU and US etc, plus the full RRP is only £29.99.

YTE and Amino Booster Clinical Studies

If you want to read the clinical and medical study results please visit my site HERE

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The news gets even better since the CEO of the company who I have spoken with twice now at length is allowing people to be full affiliates for free indefinitely. They pay 20% commissions for all orders for life for anyone who buys through the special link they give you when you sign up.

They also pay 5 levels down, the total being 35% commission from the top down. So we can sell to customers front line and make 20% for the full customer lifetime. With this you can be an affiliate for literally nothing and you don't even need to buy any product. You also would get £6 per month per autoship bottle for life per person. The CEO is already wealthy and wants people with time on their hands but little money to be able to afford the product if they need/want it and also make money through their own efforts without the usual MLM stuff etc.

It also means no hassle shipping items out, keeping stock etc.

It is very easy to get involved too, you just need to click on the link HERE that takes you to the supplier and then you just hit 'join as an affiliate', they only need your name and email, and you are in, simple!

They have a couple of other pretty amazing products too and will be expanding the range so you get 20% commission for any and all purchased from now onwards.