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Wilhelm Reich - (1897 - 1957)

Wilhelm Reich, was born in 1897 on March 24 Galician Dobzau (current Dobrjanytschi of Ukraine), He died Nov. 3, 1957 in Rangeley, Maine, USA, worked as a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, sexologist and sociolog.Wilhelm Reich discovered in the 1930s and 1940s the presence and the ability to identify and measure etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.) Dr. Wilhelm Reich have been able to identify and measure the presence of the essential energy (vital energy, chi, etc.), the energy which he calls orgone measured by a modified Geiger counter. Dr.. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect orgone / etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reich called "POR") and harmful negative etheric energy ("deadly orgone" as Reich abbreviated "DOR").

Orgone Ackumolatorer
 He came to creating large boxes or LADAR which he named orgone accumulators or "oracs" using this simple principle of creating layers could Reich manages to heal his patients of various ailments, including various forms of cancer, by letting them sit in accumulatern during periods. 1986 published researcher at the University of Marburg, Germany results of a blind study that showed that 30 minutes orgone accumulator treatments contributed consistently to positive psycho-physiological effects not had bevitnats with the box that consisted solely of fiberglass that had användts for a checkup. After the results had been collected wrote the researchers who had carried out the study, following "The results that have been collected during our investigation suppress the evidence and assumptions regarding orgone accumulatorns physical benefits and efficiency of man and of the human organism work with orgone accumulatorns effects performed by Dr. Reich and his employee has been found based on the collected facts exist.
Here is a simplified description of how energy is converted into Orgone energy
Earth energy Orgone
Earth energy Orgone
This image is described how the earth can be seen as a big accumulater for Orgone Energy
Orgone (orgonite)
Orgone (orgonite)
In simple form with a side section
The Pyramid
The Pyramid
Finally, the pyramids is another example of a large-scale orgone energy accumulator.Pyramids covered with white limestone (Yin), while the pyramid body of yellow limestone (Yang), used to make the pyramid to be used as giant orgone accumulator. Today is the outer layer of white limestone removed. It appears that in the past the entire pyramid was covered with white limestone, which is used to make the pyramid to be powerful giant Orgone energy accumulator. The real functions and application of accumulated energy is not fully explored and demonstrated. There are many different theories explaining the actual functionality of the pyramids.
Orgone "Tower Buster"
Orgone "Tower Buster"
Alters weather
Orgone energy for weather change
Orgone energy for weather change
A cross section in the giant Orgone energy conversion devices that are used to influence the weather in a positive direction

Wilhelm Reich was in Freuds inner circle - some say that he was being groomed to take over the leadership of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) - but he was out of spun out of the organization for his social reforms and anti-Nazi work. Historians since have documented the general capitulation of German psychoanalysis to the Nazis, but not as Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian-Ukrainian of jew background.Freud's early work strongly suggested emotions and sexuality were expressing a marked energetic "something", but it was Reich who gave the clearest evidence that the Freudian libido was a real energy discharged during emotional expression and sexual
 Parents or social penalty against detT youthful expression of emotion, or sexual love led to internalized oppression - but this was only by literally tighten their muscles, binding energy in the body and creates a powerful internal conflict bioenergetic stress. If oppression became chronic, formed the consequent chronic internal stress a neuromuscular reinforcement (much like metal armor of medieval knights), by which the individual protective walls of from an outer world of painful experiences. Reich developed therapeutic methods to help people to give up their emotional armor, but he approached the problem from the social and political side of things, like working to pass laws against child abuse, to give women equal rights and equal pay and to make divorce and contraception more freely available. For this, he was severely attacked by the Nazis, who were in fact very extreme "moral majoritarians"
. The mid-1930s, Reich had been kicked out of the IPA, his books were attacked and burned by the Nazis and the German Communist Party. 
He fled to Denmark and later to Scandinavia, where, he committed some of the first bioelectrical experiments on the subject of human sexuality and emotional expression. Reich bioelectrical experiments showed that human emotions, sexual excitation and orgastic discharge were measurable phenomenon.It was a groundbreaking discovery in human sexuality and psychology - but the first in a series of discoveries that increasingly would put him at odds with the prevailing academic / scientific status quo of his time.
The science in the 1930s was intolerant towards an open discussion on "orgasm" and Reich books sat uncompromising focus on such issues: the function of the orgasm, the sexual revolution, people in trouble, and its intensity Mass Psychology of Fascism are classics hardly mention today . 
Reich later experiments with amoeba would produce other breakthroughs in the biological sciences, the discovery of the specific process bionous decay of tissues, which formed the basis for the cancer cell is formed. Reich's findings on cancer are directly observable, and not just some speculative theory. 
Unlike conventional medicine, revealed the Reich's discovery also the role of emotional-sexual energy in the psychosomatic process. What first seemed to be just "bioelectricity" later clarified by Reich as a much more powerful bioenergetic force - a form of life energy in the work of living organisms, which expresses itself as emotion and sexuality, but also directly observable in the microscope as a bluish-glowing field around living blood cells and other substances. This bluish glowing energy, which he eventually called Orgone energy (to keep their relationship alive processes), later observed as a blue-glowing aura-like phenomenon around organisms, trees and even mountain ranges. The blue Orgone is also available in a free form in the atmosphere - Reich wrote of an "envelope" of blue-glowing energy surrounding the earth long before the first satellite photos confirmed det.Orgone energy in the atmosphere was a physical phenomenon similar to the old ideas " vital force "and" Aether "together.It behaves lawfully, fills all space, expands and contracts in the pulsating rhythm, and interact in different ways with different material substances of any type of matter seems to attract Orgone, but at different speeds. Water attracts highly Orgone or life energy, which gives rise to the phenomenon of living water (classically described as "activated" or "structured" water), which is essential for life processes, and to the Earth's weather, too. Orgone was also demonstrated in high vacuum (as with the "zero-point" vacuum fluctuation, etc.) shows that filled the whole space much like a cosmic Aether. Reich experiments in these directions has led to even more controversy: new approaches to end drought and greening deserts, and new approaches to the problem of nuclear waste detoxification. His experiments suggested a new source of pollution-free energy as a day could push humanity to the stars. Fantastic? Sure, but stable, based on new experimental tests and observations in the best tradition of science.
The campaign against Reich
During the Reich's studies, he developed a special metal-lined box that attracted a large charge of Orgone energy inside itself, directly from the atmosphere: the Orgone energy accumulator. The Orgone Accumulator was proven to charge seeds and growth garden plant, speed healing of burns and cuts, and there are a number of physical experiments that show abnormal phenomena in the accumulator. Reich noted that some types of low-energy disease, such as cancer, symptomatic would give accurate application of Orgone accumulator. After he moved to the U.S., he treated people experimentally with their combined emotional / Orgone-energetic approach. Within a few years, but he was attacked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which was at that time (1955) in an all-out "war" against natural healing methods (the repression of natural healing methods have always been a big agenda of FDA).FDA obtained a court injunction which ordered the ban and burning of Reich's books - a book that contains the forbidden word "Orgone" was ordered destroyed even his classic on human sexuality as just mentioned Orgone energy in the preface. FDA actually burned Reich's books and journals on several occasions (most recently in 1962), while Reich was given a 2-year sentence for a misdemeanor technicality, dying in prison in 1957. FDA's attack against Reich constituted a fraud the courts and the American people, and Reich legal case continues to overshadow the more well-known Scopes Monkey Trial of constitutional significance, that a U.S. court approved the burning of scientific books and jailing of scientists for maintaining unorthodox views.
Wilhelm Reich's work for the Orgone Energy
Wilhelm Reich's memory, there is now a museum established at his residence in favor of Wilhelm Reich Memorial Fund.  Orgonon which was the name of Wilhelm Reich's home and research center is located in Rangeley, Maine, USA, it is now carried out with the help of donations. 
1953 June 5 began, the U.S. Federal Court attempt to thwart do Wilhelm Reich's work after a court order, his literary works and inventions outside his home and research center was attacked and destroyed, and three of Reich's accumulators. three weeks later had several cartons of his literary works burned and destroyed under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. A month later, ordered local contractors to disassemble Orgone accumulators that resulted in approximately 50 pieces of Reich's Orgone boxes were picked apart in the piece, one month - 23 August 1956 - burned several tons of Reich's publications, including titles 10 hardcover books as well as medical and scientific research bulletins and magazines, under the supervision of the FDA in an incinerator on Gansevoort Street in New York City. Wilhelm Reich wrote that the opening in the testament that is preserved following:
"I made the consideration of secure transmission to future generations of a vast empire of scientific achievements guide in my last dispositions., In my view, the main task must be fulfilled in order to protect the truth about my life and work against distortion and slander after my death" (Wilhelm Reich) 
Testament are today preserved and was signed four days before his prison judgment which came into force two days before his 60th birthday on 22 March 1957. Wilhelm Reich was transferred to the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to serve his two year prison sentence, he died seven and a half months later in prison from heart failure he was taken after his death to Orgonon to be buried on his farm.
Below is a recommended reading list of concerns and contains material - facts about Orgone energy, and research and results from completed studies. The literature also deals with issues surrounding the discovery of Orgonenergi and information about its beneficial properties.

Some important books by Dr.. Wilhelm Reich
The Function of the Orgasm: Discovery of the Orgone (Discovery of the Orgone, Vol 1)  - A classical book. If you only have time to read a book by Wilhelm Reich: Read this. It actually consists of two books.

Ether, God & Devil & Cosmic superimposition  - Wilhelm Reich develops his ideas on working and movements in Cosmic Orgone, and the energy around the cosmic realm.  
The Bion Experiments  - Wilhelm Reich demonstrates the genetics of life from Organic matters. The experiment was validated by leading scientists during that time.

The Cancer Biopathy  - Wilhelm Reich developed his theory of cancer as a suppressed flow of vital energy.  Character Analysis  - Wilhelm Reich at the height of its development as a psychotherapist / psychoanalyst before the discovery of Orgone. A brilliant book. The Mass Psychology of Fascism  - An early classic. If you want to understand where Wilhelm Reich comes from, you might have read this too.