Birthstone & Zodiac Orgone Generators

We all share one thing in common we all have a birthstone and a Zodiac Stone and from ancient times wise men and healers have all believed that birth stones all draw their powers from the ruling planets with which each gemstone is associated with this affects our emotion and well-being. 

Certain crystals have been associated with specific signs of the zodiac and the wearer of the correct crystal can obtain an enormous sense of well-being, clarity, luck and all the properties of that crystal. We at the Photon Orgone Organisation add brthstones to each device and we do not limit your birthstones to 1 or 2 we will add at least 5 to each Pendant or Pyramid this amlifies that amazing energy tenfold.

Specific crystals amplify The Photon Orgone Energy output thus harmonising your aura with the properties of your Birthstones. We have noted in our research that placing certain combinations of Crystals inside our Orgonite causes the Orgonite to radiate the properties of the crystals in turn they will then  penetrate your body.