Cleansing and Recharging tensor Rings

In my experience of using these for a few years now they do from time to time need cleansing to give them a little recharge although in my tests we have noticed they take many months to give a reduction in energy output. We have tested them in two ways by dowsing and also by placing them upon our experimental life force meter by heliogensis. 

1. The first way we cleanse them is on a full or new moon place them out on the soil so they can be connected to the earths natural resonance. 

2. The other way we cleanse them is by placing them in a bowl of white distilled vinegar and salt in a three parts to one salt ratio. This will also clean them at the same time, leave them over night then place them in a bowl of water with baking soda in for 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse under cold water holding in your right hand for a few minutes, then dry them straight away by either placing on a radiation or with a towel, if you do not dry them properly they will go dark or black.

3. The other option is by placing your device in a bucket of water and placing outside at night, again on a new or full moon, this will also give the device a well deserved recharge.  
I personally do a combination or 1 or 3 and number 2 (always) - always use option 2 last but always use two of the four methods together for best results.