Faraday Cages for WiFi Routers, Smart Meter's, Games Consoles, Tv Boxes & Amazon Devices

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  • WiFi Router Faraday Cage

    WiFi Router Faraday Cage

    From: £39.99
    Please choose the relevant model for your router using the drop down box below. Each Faraday cage has been custom made and measured to fit your specific router. There is also an option to add an Earthing Clip to the Cages, this is not nescesarry in order for them to function but some people prefer them.
  • Smart Meter Faraday Cage

    Smart Meter Faraday Cage


    Smart meters emit bursts of microwave radiation around your home up to 190,000 times per day.

    The best way to make a smart meter safe is to cover it with a Faraday cage. This is a wire mesh cage with specific mesh size with an earthling lead attached with crocodile clip to attach to the nearest earth junction point

  • TV Boxes Faraday Cages

    TV Boxes Faraday Cages

    When thinking of radiation being emitted people dont realise TV boxes are just as bad as majority of them use a lot of power to function and most also have bluetooth and wireless capabilities meaning they are as nearly as bad as routers. 

These Faraday cages are designed to reduce RF/Microwave radiation as much as possible without affecting function and are custom made to fit your particular type of Wi-Fi router. They are made from stainless steel mesh which enables good airflow to ensure the router doesn’t overheat.

Once fitted the cages will reduce the RF microwave radiation by around 95%

In our test we were streaming a you tube video wirelessly from the router with no difference to streaming quality or wi-fi reception. This shows the signal strength is far above that required to work efficiently.

Most wi-fi routers now operate in dual band (2.4GHz +5GHz) and have multiple antennas.

If you can’t see your model router listed, contact us with the details and we will make to suit.


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