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Feedback loop Sacred Cubit 144 MHz

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The Feedback Loop was Bill Reid's idea. He and Slim Spurling had read some articles on an optical phenomenon referred to as phase conjugate mirroring, and the Feedback Loop was the product of a brainstorm.  A phase-conjugate mirror feeds back a frequency signal to itself, but reverses the phase in the process. Because it is reflected, the light of the moon is of opposite phase to the source light coming from the sun.
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  • Attach an Acuvac tensor coil to a tensor ring with string or wire and hang them off the Feedback loop for 24 hours to energise water; a glass of water inside the ring; use different frequencies to have different results and energies. This water detoxifies the body and results in more energy, reduced appetite, and less need for sleep.
  • 144 MHz Sacred Cubit help best with physical issues.
  • Pull out negative energy and pain and feedback positive energy.
  • Relieve chronic ailments.
  • Relieve stomach irritation.
  • Break up disharmonious energies.
  • Great for long distance healing.
  • The 177 MHz Lost Cubit have stronger and quicker results in healing sessions than the Sacred Cubit.
  • Hang it on your bed to improve a better sleep.
  • Hold it in one hand, and an Acuvac tensor coil on the other, and slowly sweep across the pain area.
  • Start close to the body and gradually, over a period of 11 minutes, increase the distance of the tools from the body – up to 4 to 5 meters.
  • Hook 1 on your pants in front of the 1st and 2nd chakras, and hook 1 on the back of the trousers to reduce female monthly cramps or any pain/problem on those areas.
 Where equal-amplitude, opposite-phase wave frequencies meet, they cancel each other out. Sound and other frequencies are governed by the same rules. When a frequency returns to its source, the returning, out-of-phase frequency will cancel the effect of the source wave. An Internet search will uncover definitions and information on the experimental processes that led to the discovery of the phase-conjugate mirror phenomenon.

In the Feedback Loop they had a method for creating a flow of energy that withdraws negativity from the body wherever there is PAIN, just as we do with the ACU VAC coil. The Feedback Loop is designed like the ACU VAC coil in that the same length and frequencies are used. The difference between the two is that the Feedback Loop bends back on itself.

The energy traveling through Feedback Loop has a higher velocity when compared with the ACU VAC coil. The energy moving through an ACU VAC coil moves like water in a garden hose, whereas the relative speed of the energy in a Feedback Loop is more like the hose of a high pressure car wash. The two devices are similar and yet

Both ports or openings of the Feedback Loop are directed rightat the area of pain. From A Clairvoyants perspective it has a pronounced color and a tight beam. The beam of energy flowing through a Feedback Loop is extremely
narrow about the size of a pencil. This concentrated beam generates an energetic flow, both in and out, creating a rapid reduction in PAIN when applied for that purpose. The return of the positive
or healing energy into the body is just as rapid, due to the phase-conjugate mirroring quality inherent in the loop.

When Bill suggested that they take the ACU VAC coil and turn it into a phase-conjugate mirror, Slim went into the workshop to see how this could be done topologically without compromising the basic integrity and form of the ACU VAC coil. Each of these devices, the ring, the ACU VAC coil, and the Feedback Loop, operates as a closed circuit in which the voltage is zero and the amplitude or current approaches infinity. This has been demonstrated to be the case in the laboratory of Hans Becker on numerous occasions. Hans explains in person and on video that the
superconductive nature of the tools is one of their most valuable attributes.

Applications of the Feedback Loop

Has already been said about the Acu-Vac Coil relative to its use can apply to the Feedback Loop as well. As far as which one is better or more efficient, it is a matter of preference. Some people choose the Feedback Loop over the ACU VAC coil because they like the way it returns light energy right back into the body. The energy beam in the loop moves like lightning and the flow is faster than with the ACU VAC coil.

In energy work it is important to produce results for people. It is a common assumption that a client's tough issues can require more than one session to clear. Anything, whether physical, emotional, or mental, that has been part of a person's patterning for years or lifetimes is usually pretty sticky. Could there be a way to release old pain and blockages with immediate results? If life in our reality happens at the speed of thought, would it be possible to delete our negative programs the same way we delete email messages? It seems that use of a Feedback Loop in a healing session opens the space for accessing the point of PAIN or trauma right then and there. Many healing practitioners who are fond of this tool report that what used to take more than a couple of sessions to reconcile
now takes no time at all.

The larger version of the Feedback Loop is especially powerful and seems to be particularly effective when it
comes to the immediate removal of blockages. When working with a Feedback Loop, hold the curved part of
the coil lightly in your hand and aim both ports, or openings, toward the appropriate area of the clients body. Start with the loop about an inch and a half away from the body. As you continue to hold it, slowly draw it back, moving further out into the auric field. The distance factor applies to the Feedback Loop the same way it
does to the ACU VAC coil.

You can also use this tool up close to the body, combing the afflicted area in a circular motion until the problem dissolves. Many practitioners run the meridian system or comb the auric field during a session. A Feedback Loop enhances the productivity of these processes.

As with the ACU VAC coil, using the Feedback Loop in conjunction with a ring is never a bad idea. It improves the effect of the ring and speeds up any process. There is really no wrong way to use these
tools and no specific way to apply them. Feel free to use the imagination, and do what you're called to do. The user themselves is a part of the application system. And don't get hung up thinking you have to bow to the east three times and turn clockwise. There is no ritual involved here.

Miracles happen when the intuitive mind links up with the energies of the Tools. Every day we see more
and more how true this is. The field reports coming in to Us vary considerably, and there is a great deal to be learned from reading about the experiences other people are having.
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