If you have only just discovered these amazing devices or you simply want to know where to place them in your office or home for a better standard of living then this 36 page guide is for you.

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Here are just some of the subjects I cover below:  

Orgone Product Guide
How Orgonite Should Be Made
Identifying Fake Orgonite That Does Nothing
Orgone Usage, Charging & Placement Chart
How To Set Up A Photon Orgone Grid Matrix
Benefits Of Orgone Devices
Chakra Healing With Orgonite
Meditation & Manifestation With Orgonite
How Orgonite Works Against EMF's 
Measuring Orgone Energy 
Maintaining Orgonite 
Aluminum in Orgonite
Ley Lines & How to Neutralize Negative Energy Vortexes 
Radiation Effects On The Brain 
The Hazards Of Electromagnetic Frequencies
And Much Much More

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Subjects Covered
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