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Frequency Wristband Beneficial for 4G, 5G, EMF and Radiation Protection

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CURRENTLY SOLD OUT OF THESE WRISTBANDS YEARS OF FREQUENCIES & ACCESS TO YOUR OWN PORTAL IN A FEW MONTHS WHERE YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH FREQUENCIES ARE SENT TO YOUR WRISTBAND. One of my good friends Anwar Craven, he has developed a new amazing frequency wristband which is linked to one of the most powerful frequency generators ever developed. £5m pounds and Over 10 years of research into this technology has resulted in him developing this amazing wristband with a frequency chip which links to the main generator. The generator alone costs over 1m and you are getting this amazing frequency every 12 minutes 24 hours a day! Its Newly Designed World First Technology delivering natural resonance frequencies into the human bio energy field. This band delivers the original stress and energy balancing formula.
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When you receive the wristband you will notice there are codes on the back. Please keep these safe as in about 8 weeks you will  receive a link to a portal where you will be able to change the frequencies as it stands now its already activated to receive nearly 500 frequencies every 12 minutes. These frequencies range from 7.83 to 532hz they are designed to be beneficial for sleep, emotion, protection from negative frequencies, chakra alignment,  etc etc So you do not need to do nothing, just look out for the link via my newsletter. 

This wristband is a limited edition version. Anwar Craven, owner and business partner at Intelligent Energetics has given be some exclusive bands which have 2.5 years subscription to them, not even his on his own website have 2.5 years subscription!  He let me have 150 of them at a special rate to pass onto my customers. 

So this is an amazing deal as he will shortly be charging around £3-4 subscription per month.  I only have 10 left and has 2.5 years access to the portal where you can choose your own frequency, this feature will be announced on my newsletter in a few weeks time, I will post the link there explaining how to access it. Please do not throw the codes away that come on the back of the card as this identifies your wristband so the portal can link to your microchip inside the band.

How Frequency Works & How These Wristbands Can Help You

These are Big enough for large wrists , medium wrists and small wrists as these are easily adjustable and made from surgical grade silicon, so you will not suffer any reactions to it. The sizes are also Suitable for children to wear from 3 years upwards as it has an adjustable strap. Will be offering smaller sizes for smaller children shortly. 

The designs you see on the video are the old versions, the one you will receive is the black one on the picture of the item, these have a more powerful microchip and also more stylish.

Our frequency wristbands use state of the art technology called Quantum Entanglement designed to deliver natural resonance frequencies into your bio energy field wherever you are in the world. These frequencies help realign energetic imbalances in your energy centres including your chakras and meridians.

They each have a microchip embedded within each band which are clearly visible and these are linked to our mainframe custom built frequency generator machine which sends a powerful signal to the embedded microchip every 12 minutes. 

In modern life we are constantly surrounded by potentially harmful man made frequencies. These include 2g 3g 4g & 5g mobile phone signals, Blue-tooth ,Wi-Fi, electromagnetic field radiation from electrical cables, radio signals, digital TV signals and many other sources.

These harmful frequencies impact us significantly by disrupting our subtle energy systems. The human body is electrical in nature and sends millions of tiny electrical impulses between our trillions of cells. Our bodies run on a circadian rhythm which has a frequency varying between 4 and 10hz. To make a rather worrying comparison, 5Ghz Wi-Fi is running around 1 billion times faster.

Since it is almost impossible to avoid the stresses and strains of modern life and the incredible amounts of frequency that we are absorbing every day, it is becoming essential to re-balance the body’s subtle bio energy field, chakras and meridians.

Our frequency wristband is made from the highest quality surgical grade silicon and is infused with a proprietary blend of precious minerals and is also embedded with our unique bio resonance processor. This  enables the band to receive 480 natural frequencies every 12 minutes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Once the wristband is within at least 2 inches of your skin it safely delivers these natural frequencies into your bio field that helps to quickly re-balance the body’s chakra, meridian and chi energy systems.

This amazing wristband is not only stylish but is highly durable, fully waterproof , suitable for everyday use including sporting activities.
This device is also beneficial for many areas including sleep

Deep Meditation With the frequency band

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