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Heart Orgone 5G/EMF & Ascension Pendant

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All of my devices have a primary and a secondary functionality. By adding different crystals to each device I can program them to do pretty much anything as each crystal has its own vibration and properties for example Shungite has amazing radiation neutralisation properties and rose quartz is great for harmonising and promoting love with this in mind I created my  3 stage process, colour, crystal and orgone therapy. 

This Ascension device has a primary functionality of Ascension raisong your vibrational frequency to the next level, this will also protect your auric field as its secondary functionality is EMF, 5G and  radiation harmonisation - this will be excellent to wear all the time or a few hours a day, these can even be placed in your pocket or bag, as long as its within a metre of your body then it will benefit you.

To explain how my concept works I  will use this as an example  of how it works the; as primary functionality of this device is Ascension and Auric field protection and enhancement I would then locate the stones, metals and gemstones that would amplify that aspect, such as Opalite, Black lava and two chips fro male and female boji stones., I also add shungite (I add this and other black stones such as Tourmaline, Onyx to everything)  in order to combat radiation so this will be its secondary functionality of the device. Colour also plays a big part of deciding what each device will do The neutral colour is is great for absorbing radiation and a is also very good for raising the vibration level. 

All About Ascension 

Have you forgotten to tune in to where you would like to go?

What are the experiences you are hoping to gain from your journey?

The experience of being human does not need to mean pain and suffering this is an illusion set by the e.g.o mind — trapping your potential in limitations and beliefs you are not ready or needing to hold off your life path due to the judgments and opinions of others.

Dear ones there is light within each of you that can and will change altering the fabrication of time vs physical incarnation.

You have not passed through your last gateway only to enter into the same pattern again — move beyond your thoughts that this is hard and tune into what you feel is possible — you will only be able to build upon your understanding and vibration attraction, you can alter this perception and jump timelines with ease when you no longer give the illusion it’s power or control over you.

Ascension is about being in your power through love, joy, freedom and embracing the changes as they come up to be released. Some of you experience server physical symptoms and blame this on “ascension” it is not ascension that is giving you this pain it is your ego — it is wanting to make it FEEL harder than it is and so trapping you back into plummeting beliefs around your potential.

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Product Code Clearheart pendant