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Heddeka Triskelion Coil Spiral of Life Triple Spiral Sacred Cubit 144 MHz

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The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an element that comes from the time of the Earth, the time of the beginning of the Earth. In that, has been here for since the Earth began its destiny.
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  • Beneficial in sacred/royal cubit (144 MHz) and in Viking cubit.
  • Women get more energy balancing during PMS time when wearing a twisted one as a pendant or by placing it around the 1st and 2nd chakras.
  • Energize all drinks, water being the main one.
  • Good for people that lack of Element Water on their astrological chart.
  • Both Twisted and non-twisted are good for water; hang out on a home garden for example to balance the water in your garden, will also help plants grow.
  • Put one under a therapy table, aligned with 2nd and 3rd chakras to enhance the healing; if you want you can add a clear glass with water on the top of the heddeka, under the table this will help draw and absorb all the toxins. Make sure you throw the water away after use.
Heddeka Coils & How to use them 

The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an element that comes from the time of the Earth, the time of the beginning of the Earth. In that, has been here for since the Earth began its destiny. As the Heddeka is coming back and becoming a part of the cleaning of the Earth, it is just that your thoughts and your intentions and your appreciation of this element, of this spirit, that gives it the power to go out there and help our beloved Earth. You can leave the swirls in different places and within the water or you can hang them from a tree or you can place them within the dirt. The elements all work together in unison and by doing this, they help each other. In helping each other, they help the Earth. In helping the Earth, they help you. We are working to bring the designs of the other elements into being. They have been forgotten for many, many eons and it is time that they be brought in. The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire – they come in and compliment with Water. It is the time for all this to happen. It is a time that you understand and you become a part of the Elements of the Earth. By bringing in their special skills and their special connection to our beloved Earth, you can help them as they help heal the Earth up. It is not that the Earth is in great danger because she is not. She is moving and doing exactly what she needs to do. In doing and moving and calling your attention to what is happening upon her surface, this brings you closer to your Divinity, closer to who you are. As you become closer to who you are, then this helps the Earth.”

Use with Water
• Brings structure and adds energy to water.
• Dissolution of scaling in hard water.
• Changes the taste and softness.
• Helps to erase dense energy by raising water’s overall vibration.
• Sets up bioelectric and biomagnetic vortices, adding piezoelectric and magnetic energy to water.

For the Body
• Increases the level of hydrogen saturation in water, which has numerous anti-aging effects.
• Raises the vibration of water within your body.
• Augments the energetic and nutritional value from water.
• Removes toxins from the body through the increase in vibration.

In the Garden
o Helps soil hold water while raising the frequency of both water and soil in the surrounding area.
o Energizes plant root zone and encourages root growth when placed in the soil.
o When in soil, the energy will radiate 15-20 feet in all directions, depending on its size.
Suggested Uses:
Place under water bottle or glass, or anywhere near water.
Put on or in the soil.
Carry in your pocket, on a chain, or hair-tie to wrist.
Hang them from a tree.
Or, share your appreciation of the Earth by tossing a Heddeka into rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams!

How to Utilize Triskelions ( Heddeka Coil )

The triskele or triskelion, also referred to as Spiral of Life or Triple Spiral is an old symbol with intense and powerful connection to the water. This has an incredible ability to neutralize harmful energies. Many believed that this was the ancient purpose. When created of gold, silver or copper, triskelion makes biomagnetic and bioelectric energy flow which is based on sacred geometry and mathematics.

Placed in or around, the triskelion increases the water vibration. This also creates active and energetic vortices which bring the water’s molecular structure. Triskelion can be utilized alone or in combination with some structuring techniques outlined in the 11th chapter of Dancing with Water. Triskelion can also structure the water with just few hours but this still depends on the size of triskelion and the size of water container.

Authors of Dancing with Water used triskelion everywhere. This is used in structuring tools and devices, water containers, on their pockets, in gardens, around plants and many more. Watch the video of energetic movements with triskelion filmed using Gas Discharge Visualization or GDV.
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Product Code singHed
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