HHG's for Radiation Protection

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Orgonites HHG or HolyHandGrenades as Don Croft called them are considered one of the best ways to reduce the effects of Radiation, EMF, Microwaves, Mind Control, Haarp and Chemtrails. They are not quite as good as an Orgone Chembuster or Cloudbuster.

I have held off selling HHG’s until now as I wanted to wait until I had managed to enhance their power over my pyramids power. I make my Orgonites HHG differently from the standard devices, I add 9 double terminated Quartz points as oppose to 5 in my pyramids. Other unscrupulous Orgonite vendors claim that their HHG or basic 3" Pyramid can cover over 50 metres (this is total rubbish and blatant lies)

I have used two techniques to test my devices:

1. Psychic energy sensitive testing which means that I placed one of these under a phone mast and asked three psychics (they lived in different towns and did not know each other) who claimed they could see Positive and Negative Orgone Energy to visualise the energy generated from them they all worked out that each device worked on a radius of 35, 49 & 47 metres.

2. I asked three experienced dowsers to dowse a local map for energy, I placed them in a location which was not on a vortex or ley line it was a totally clear location they advised me that the radius that each device covered was 65, 85 and 45 metres as you can see the results for dowsing where a little varied, when we placed two HHG within 5 metres of each other the area ranged from 85, 105 and 100 metres - I just wish I had thought of placing two HHG under the mast when I tested this out with the psychic's.

My Orgone Accumulator Orgone Generators Orgonites HHG are best placed in the corners of your home.