How to Measure Orgone Energy

In the 1940s, the scientist Wilhelm Reich developed an orgone (life-energy) field meter, using high-voltage induction coils to excite a large detector plate, and was able to show the existence and quantity of life-energy charge in people, plants and various objects. Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter uses a similar principle, but with modern solid-state circuitry and much lower voltages which eliminate the need for bulky induction coils as used in Reich's original apparatus.

We se one of these meters to test our Orgonites before we use it so we can judge if its working correctly or not.

We have bought and compared our orgone products against others bought from eBay and internet in five ways.

1. Via our Life force Energy Meter - This meter can detect life force energy from any item living or non living item.

2. Dowsing - We dowse over a piece of Orgonites to measure the spin, you need to be an expert dowser and holding a power wand in order to get accurate results to 98%

3. Psychic analysis - A psychic i use can actually see negative deadly orgone and positive orgone, we test placing orgone in her hand and she can feel and see the energy it omits, she can also see the negative deadly orgone the phone masts put out, as it looks like a grey/black cloud hangs over the whole area until its gifted then the cloud lifts.

4. Using a parts per million water meter (this tests orgone energy in water charged by our orgone board)

5. Feel good factor - many many people who come to our house feel instantly relaxed sometimes sleepy, this is a great way to judge if your Orgonites is working.