How To Use Orgone Devices & Where to Place Them

There are many ways you can use Orgonite, but we find the best uses are where you intuitively believe they are most needed.

Orgonite is all about experimenting and “feeling” the energy or an atmosphere lift, so try it in different places to see if you can feel the energy (not everyone can sense or feel Orgone energy so please do not be disappointed if you don’t feel any sensations immediately)


1. DO NOT put an Orgonite device anywhere hot as this will cause it to melt, leaving it in the sun is ok, but not near a hot cooker, toaster or in hot water.

2. During the shipping process the postage company can keep the device in a hot location causing it to become hot and sticky/smelly; this will not affect your device. Simply wash under a cold tap with soap for a few minutes until the smell has gone away, repeat this step once or twice making sure you completely dry the device with a towel.

3. DO NOT put it in drinking water, many Orgone vendors claim that you can charge water by putting Orgonite in drinking water. We would not recommend this as the resin would break down eventually and would fill your body with toxins rather than Orgone charged drinking water, we do sell charging disc’s to place food/water on, this is deemed to be completely safe and has the same effects.

The following uses have been tried and tested for the last three to four years with very good results.

1.      Put a small piece of Orgonite such as a “Photon Orgone Energy Saver” on top of your mains, fuse box or electricity meter this has resulted in reducing the majority of electricity bills by up to 10% per year in some cases. We also recommend putting them near or on every plug socket in your house.
2.      Place on or under any electrical device, the “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” is best for this as it has been programmed to turn any negative Orgone energy into positive Orgone energy.
3.      Orgonite works best when its stimulated, so putting one of the “Photon Orgone Pyramids” next to or on top of a speaker will stimulate the Orgonite into generating positive Orgone energy faster and will become more effective in removing DOR (deadly Orgone energy)
4.      We recommend placing a “Photon Orgone Personal Auric field Protector” under your chair or desk whilst at work or operating a computer or machinery which omits radiation, this unit will also help align and protect your chakra.
5.      Place a “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” or any “Photon Orgone Pyramid” next to Wi-Fi routers, mobile phone chargers, Satellite dishes, radios basically anything that picks up a ‘remote’ signal.
6.      Place a “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector/Towerbuster” or “Photon Orgone Pyramids“either end of your windowsill if a mobile phone mast is within 2 miles.
7.      Put three to four “Photon Orgone Personal Auric field Protector” under your bed’s and sofas to help protect you further from radiation.

8.      Orgonite positively works near or through water so place “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” or “Photon Orgone Personal Auric field Protectornear water pipes, radiators or in your toilet cistern to enhance the Orgonite’s properties.

       9.      Orgonite can be used to raise the vibrations of food and water so place a glass of water or food on “Photon Orgone Charging Disc/coaster” or “Photon Orgone Charging Plate” this will increase the energy of the food by charging it with positive Orgone energy and raising the vibration level of the food/item.

      10.  We recommend placing Orgonite in every corner of every room, you can use “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” or “Photon Orgone Pyramids” you can even create a Photon Orgone grid matrix in addition to this, to further protect you. (See point 11)

      11.  In order to fully protect your house we recommend setting up a Photon Orgone grid, this can be done by setting 4 large “Photon Orgone Pyramids” in each corner of your garden then every 2 metres between the four pyramids place a “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” thus creating full protection of your property. Look for “Photon Orgone Radiation Protection Grid Set” from our range. 

      12.  Use the “Photon Orgone Pyramid” or “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” as a space clearing tool, in problem areas either in the home or a ley-line to clear negative energy or bad spirits.

      13.  Hold a “Photon Orgone Pyramid” or a “Photon Orgone 3rd Eye Pendantor any other pendant I offer in your hands whilst meditating/praying thus raising your vibration energies and imagine the Orgone energy surrounding you entering your body via the crown chakra and flowing down your spine along the other chakra exiting at your root chakra at the base of your spine.

      14.  Place a “Photon Orgone Pyramidor a “Photon Orgone Personal Auric field Protector” on your desk at work or in a stressed environment, this will reduce stress levels, headaches and could increase productivity. It will also protect you from radiation.

      15.  Wear a “Photon Orgone Auric Field Protection Pendantaround your neck and place a “Photon Orgone Auric Field Protector Key ring” on your keychain to double up the protection against DOR, Radiation & personal negative energy clearing.

      16.  Place a “Photon Orgone Travelling Pyramid” on the dashboard of your vehicle or wear a “Photon Orgone Travelling Pendant” to keep you safe whilst driving or on a journey to keep you safe from mishaps and to protect you from radiation and any other negative energy.

      17.  Plants are positively enhanced by Orgone energy and either burying a “Photon Orgone Plant Grown Stimulator” or placing a plant or tree on a “Photon Orgone Charging Plate/Board” will greatly enhance its growth and productivity if it’s a fruit or vegetable plant.

      18.  Pets find great relief from being close to Orgonite, when they are near radiation they really suffer badly from this so placing “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector or two tower busters” under their bed or favourite location (please make sure they don’t chew or swallow it) or attaching a “Photon Orgone Auric Field Protection Pendant” to their collar with give them much needed relief.

      19.  Gifting is probably the most important thing you can do for our planet so I would recommend gifting every single phone mast and power station you come across also any area you believe has a lot of negative energy you should gift with a “Photon Orgone Radiation Protector” if it’s a large mobile/cell phone mast maybe two or three should do the job.