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Be part of the fastest growing Metaphysical Experimental Life Force Energy industry in the world!

Selling Crystals, Gemstones, Color Therapy & Orgonite are billion dollar industry's worldwide I am looking for distributors in your area to become part of that as the expansion will be massive in 2015 and beyond.

Areas Needing Distributors:

Europe - Cities Throughout
UK - Some Cities Throughout
USA - Cities Throughout
Canada - Cities Throughout
Australia - Cities Throughout

Each city will be given exclusivity as I will not sell to two people from the same location so please be fast in signing up. Exclusivity can also be given for EBay USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, JAPAN AND some EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

Photon Orgone offers usage guides, product catalogues, product advice guides, full telephone support on my private number and much more.

There are many ways to sell from selling to nearby shops, Festivals, Conspiracy Events, Website sales, Etsy, EBay, Market Stalls, to holding Orgonite parties at your house where people can come and see the products.

How it Works

I will send you an professionally created and Laminated A4 catalogue in a lever arch folder as your product catalogue, a small quantity of 15 catalogues for you to hand out with the file via email so you can reprint branded to your Photon Orgone Branch IE Photon Orgone Paris with your contact details and I will send one of each color of Pyramids, Towerbusters, Pendants, Coasters, Domes, 23k Pyramids, Placemats, Cubes, Geo Orgone 8 sided, 3 sided, 1 Zapper, and HHG'S.

There will be a startup fee of £400 for UK, £450 Europe and £500 for USA and £550 Rest of the World which will give you over £800 of stock.

 All future orders will be discounted at the rate of 35% with a minimum order value of just £250. If you place an order for over £1000 you will get 50% discount.

In able to keep your exclusivity in your City, EBay, Etsy, Amazon or any other shopping site you will be required to purchase an average of £250 per month pro rata after discounts. If you do not require exclusivity you can purchase at anytime with a minimum spend of £250 at any one time.

There is not contract length and you can leave at anytime.

Items you will recieve, it is best if you leep these as stock items so you can showe your customers:

14 Pyramids
7 Pendants
Towerbusters of each colour and size
Crystal Domes in all colours
Domes in all colours
23k Dome
23k Pyramids X 5 in the various properties
Coasters in each colour, 
Nubian Pyramid
8 Sided
3 Sided
HHG Step Pyramid 
Orgone Zapper