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I created these Photon Orgone devices in this category by popular demand from customers who wanted me to create them something that would improve their luck, financial situation, manifestation and meditation success.

All of my Photon Orgone devices are based around Crystal and Colour therapy. I chose the colour and crystals based on what I want my device to accomplish.

As an example I will take the Photon Orgone Wealth Attraction Pyramid I firstly decided that I would create this in Green as that colour is associated in wealth attraction, then I grouped all the matching crystals and gemstones together which would attract Wealth such as Citrine, Tigers Eye, Turquoise, Bloodstone, Cats Eye, Olivine and Spinel.

All of my devices are made this way and I now feel that I have perfected the devices and truly believe they are the most powerful in the world. Please visit my testimonials page for some remarkable comments.

Each device comes with an instruction guide to help amplify results however input from the owner is not always necessary.