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Merkaba Tensor Ring Pendant & Hanging Device

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Product Overview

  • Only 99.99% Pure Copper Wire Used
  • Pendant size wire 1.6mm Larger version 2.6mm
  • Beneficial for Chakra Aligning, Manifestation, EMF/radiation/Psychic Attack Protection & Psychic Work
  • Radius of Energy between 5-20 metres
  • Can be hung using fish wire in corner of area of the room of concearn

Benefits of a Merkaba Star

The meaning of the word, “Merkaba” is ancient; and it carries great energy of Spiritual transformation.

A Merkaba Star, or Mer-ka-bah Healing Crystal, carries the meaning and energy of a vehicle of Divine Light which is used by Seekers, Healers and Realm Walkers - the Masters - to travel into the Astral realms and thereby connect with the higher realm beings of Light.

It is a tool for Ascension.

Mer means connecting thread- Light

Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self

Ba means The Body or Physical Self

Therefore, we see that a Merkaba configuration creates for us the opportunity to thread our thoughts through time. Always with honor and always remembering that there are safe guards. We cannot wilfully commit causal affects.  Merkabahs are perfect tools for self-healing and advanced Reiki techniques.

In Sacred Geometry it is based on the primal pattern, Love, which created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible.

Constructed as a three dimensional Star of David, Merkaba means that we have 3D interlocking triangles - which mean that the Realms are intersecting, merging the Divine and the Human together... Shamanic Healing and Realm Walking.

For the healer this means that the healing gifts and powers are amplified and one's personal Divine spark is Awakened.

How to Use a Merkaba:

Using a MerKaBa surrounds you with energy spirals and is symbolic spiritually of the Wheels within the Wheels image which transports a Seeker to higher thoughts, lessons, and states of being as they travel on their Journey-Quest.

Hold it , Meditate, Anoint, Breathe...

Within the White Realm we say that we are rising to the next level. Once one phase of your Journey is accomplished and you have done all that is within your power to do, Spirit responds with a merging of your past/present/future selves. (Can be used for White energy work/ Lightworkers) It is said that practiced meditation can draw you through time in Spirit and enable you to heal your self with courage, patience, strength and comfort and support when you are most in need. It is your Light Time Capsule, which transports you from one dimension to another.

Merkaba - Mer-ka-ba- these are known for activation of the Light Body merged with the Physical Body in Awakening deep Spiritual Transformation.

As a practitioners Tool, these Merkaba Stars extend a focused pulse of intention not only for transverse distance healing but also reaching through the Astral Realms and affecting healing in time. With practiced effort, it is said that you can send energy through time and extend your Journey-Quest into the Astral Realms.

Healers: Program Merkaba's for specific intentions and then give them to those in need. Please always follow the advice of your own health-care provider.

Benefits of Tensor Ring Technology

The tools associated with tensor are actually produced through the use of various ancient sacred cubit lengths. In fact, the 20.6 inches sacred cubit was used in manufacturing the first ever tensor ring. In 2000, another measurement called lost cubit was actually discovered by Hans Becker, a genius researcher and inventor who closely worked with Spurling to do research about tensor tools.

He then figured out that this measurement’s resonant frequency works harmoniously with the light’s speed. This only means that it can restructure energy based on a DNA level. After lots of work in evaluation and research, a new measurement was discovered in 2011.

The new cubit in the tensor tools was called New Cubit which is significantly used in tensor empowerment rings as well as for other tools. It’s also considered as the ultimate link between the cubit measurements trinity namely: Lost, Sacred and New. Hence, tensor technology provides simple and natural, yet powerful solution to a lot of problems affecting all life forms in the current generation. In terms of evolution, tensor rings have initially transformed into some tools having unique designs in the course of intuitive and empirical discovery methods.

Such tools include acu-vac coil, harmonizer and feedback loop. These tools are superconductors with room temperature that generate positive subtle energies. However, the tools expand and adapt from time to time due to the changes within the planet as well as the energies produced by the Earth that affect every life form. There are those who tend to be more sensitive than the other when it comes to Earth’s energy. For instance, there are individuals who believe that they actually feel an energy coming right at the vortex. On the other hand, some say that they can pick up earthquake from miles away.

Slim Spurling and his wife Katharina along with a dedicated team have successfully created some new tools. Some have various applications which significantly help in coping up with changes inevitably happening in this planet. There are actually numerous uses of tensor ring such as the following great advantages when using these tools:

• When the ring is put under the bed, it effectively neutralizes negative fields of geo-pathic origin.

• The ring can also be utilized to increase meditative state.

• It can effectively clean an aura when slowly lowered from the head going down to the foot and reaches the back part of the body.

• It can mend bones in a faster way.

• It can potentate water by setting the bottle over the tensor ring.

• It can keep the swimming pool clean by placing the ring at the pump.

• It can also be used in shower head.

• Placed within the vesicapiscis form right under the massage table.

• It can efficiently increase gasoline performance.

• It also relieves joint pains.

• Ideal for wellbeing and over health.

• It reduces stress.

• Effective relief from mental as well as physical pain.

• Beneficial to healing process during illness or injury.

• It decreases stress due to EMFs or harmful electromagnetic field.

• It can perfectly energize water.

• Good for the environment

• Reduces pollution in the surroundings.

• It can even harmonize the environment and the community as well.

• Ideal to use in agriculture

• It can improve soil quality.

• Helps in production of quality and larger crops.

• Beneficial for plant growth

• Can also be used in pest and insect control.

Harmonizers seem to boost human consciousness through pulsing cosmic L-field or light field which possess positive harmonizing energy. A person’s energy is actually set in motion which continues along with its presence. Everything and everyone can actually get affected but in an optimistic manner. In fact, the more the world has light in it, the more chances it can support increasing people’s consciousness.

Potentized Tensor Ring Charged Water

Tensor rings actually augment energy even to an ordinary glass of water through missing electron replacement although it tends to strip whenever water flows throughout the pipe. The potentized water can emit light that is noticeable by people. Question is how does this thing glow? Actually, the tensor ring amplifies the water’s energy in order for the outer electrons to quantum jump. Hence, the electron that is displaced isn’t a steady state which actually needs to go back to its original location. When electrons fall back, it emits photon so there is blue light seen. The potentized water refers to detoxicant which is gradually taken in higher quantities. An individual must never drink excess amount of this because it can upset the stomach. However, there are no claims made but it was reported by a middle aged woman that taking three to four glasses a day has significantly reduced her gray color hair, returning to black color.

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