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Orgone 1st Root Base Chakra Pyramid

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Inside each device a put a base mix of 1 Double Terminated Quartz Point, Kyanite, Selenite, Quartz Powder, Shungite, Pyrite, Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, Tin, Brass and Sun Dried Colloidal Silver.

I have designed these to totally align your chakras one by one - No input is needed by the user you simply need to wear it, meditating using the enclosed guide and holding this in your right hand will speed up results.
This Pyramid has been designed to tune the First Chakra and is also Red to resemble the Colour of the Chakra this device has the following Gemstones: Ruby, Red Jasper, Fire Opal, Bloodstone, Rhodochrosite & Red Calcite. 

Photon Orgone's devices are made in a very specific way, I have been developing and researching Orgonites and Orgone Energy for nearly 15 years. I have found that only specific combinations of metals and crystals will work in creating positive energy.
During this time I tirelessly worked on combining Crystal and Colour Therapy together with my Photon Orgone devices. Crystal and Colour Therapy alone are very powerful but if you combine this amazing technique within an orgonites device you will have harnessed a super powerful force! This is the earth's natural power Orgone Energy!
The modern world we live in has many dangers; cell phones are just one of them. They are a major energy drain and even harm the brain with their radiation bombardment. This pyramid prevents that by using Black Tourmaline and Kyanite to block the radiation while Topaz, Labradorite, Quartz and Selenite clear the mind and balance energy. Now the Danburite and Mookaite both physically and emotionally heal the damage caused.
This Photon Orgone Pyramid may reduce the effects from the following:
    Radiation caused by wireless technology
    Electro Magnetic Fields
    Electricity leakages from TV’s, Microwaves etc.
    It will also neutralize Chemtrails and toxins in our air
I decided to make this Pyramid to combat all of these atrocities they are bringing upon us I have combined the following crystals together because of their healing capabilities towards radiation and our immune system they are: Black Tourmaline, Kyanite, 5 x Clear Quartz Points, Selenite, Danburite, Labradorite, Topaz, Mookaite, Lapis Lazuli, and Sodalite.

After researching and using a Kirlian camera the aura was noticeably brighter and larger if within a 3 metre radius of this device over a period of two months for over 5 hours a day. Our test subjects Chakras have also become more balanced and attuned for the user of the Photon Orgone Pyramid and many people have noticed an increase in their sixth sense by making better business or personal decisions.

All of my devices will also give you the ability to achieve a deep state of meditation, this usually takes many years, and however this Photon Orgone Pyramid you will be able to achieve a deep Zen monk like state of meditation within months, by following my simple meditation and manifestation guide. Holding and meditating with the Photon Orgone Pyramid you will be able to achieve a very deep meditation state very fast.
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Patricia from Amsterdam

I ordered Orgone after watching the effects on You Tube, so today I've got this starter kit, the Root chakra pyramid and the fountain of youth pendant...I am amazed by the sensation/feeling I had instantly, I got goosebumps with the root chakra pyramid and immediately felt my feet on the ground literally!

I also got the fountain of youth pendant and I've noticed the smile I had on my face all day and a sense of euphoria lingering in the background. This starter kit, however, was the bomb! I placed them around the house and the pyramid at the router and smart meter vicinity.

My cats immediately reacted to more relaxed and also very playful and upbeat. I , myself, felt so much more relaxed and I did not felt that pressure on my body and mind anymore. Overall, and I don't know which one does it, but I feel so much more in the present and aware...and all this after a whole day of having them at home! I'm a huge fan now and will definitely get more in the future!

Barbara from London

I love all the Orgone I purchased. They are extremely powerful with very healing energies.

Product Code Rred pyrm chak
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