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Orgone Negative Ion Fusion Charger Excel Scalar Pyramid

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Have you ever wondered why you feel energised after a storm? Does your mood ever lift after you have walked in the countryside breathing in fresh air?
The air around us is charged with electrically filled particles called Ions they are both positive and negative, too many positive Ions will cause an imbalance in our bodies they create free radicals which dramatically increase the aging process and unbalance us causing cellular damage.
Free Radicals can be caused from the following:
Central Heating Systems
Air Conditioning Units
TV’s, Microwaves, Speakers, stereo Units, Radar Systems, Computers
Car Exhaust Fumes
Cigarette Smoke
Radiation and Harmful Toxins
This Photon Orgone Pyramid can help reduce the effects of the above appliances causing the Ions to change from Positive to Negative thus meaning a possible calmer more energetic way of living.
Due to the Sacred Geometric structure of the crystals inside they will enhance the power of the Orgonite inside the Pyramid, this can only be a good thing for anyone in the same room as the Pyramid as our bodies may absorb all of the positive energy that shoots out of the pendant in every direction.
I have managed to enhance this Pendant after much testing to the point that i truly believe Tachyon sub atomic particles shoot out of the Pendant, these are also referred to as Zero Point energies which will kick-start the body into raising its vibrations laying the foundations to take your mind to the next level of awareness.
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Product Code SILver Pyramid SMALL
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