Orgone Pulsers 14hz

The Orgone Pulser

The main use of this is to connect a succor punch to give your orgonite devices a massive boost or used as a personal protection device.

You can also use it as the power generator for a powerwand as it radiates 14mhz.

The original creator of the Orgone Pulser was Don Croft and was a personal handheld modification based on Dr. Reich’s technology. The Pulser consists of both the Orgone and an electrical circuit that has a modified coil called the mobius. The Orgone is layers of Organic and inorganic matter, crystals, monatomic gold and other energy amplifying ingredients. Combining these components together the results yield a highly concentrated number of Life-force energy (Orgone/harmonized electrons)

The major constituents of the electrical component are a Mobius coil, a battery (9V) modulated by two crystals, amethyst with a garnet gemstone. 

Complex Pulsers without esoteric component like Orgone block and a Mobius coil do not work for amplification. A mind blended with faith has brought about different miracles. The world we live in is holographic, according to a morph genic study. There is a connection with Orgone Pulser and this field, the emotion, mind, also the physical body. The physical body reacts to data in-putted through the emotions and the mind. 

Orgone is a place from where life starts. 

I started recognizing Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work when I discovered Pulsers and I started creating Orgone devices in different dimensions and configurations, according to the great fundamental material suggestions made by Serge in his book titled “Earth Energies.”

After one year I also learned indirectly from Don Croft, Karl Weltz, and Sensei Dennis, the method used in combining metal particles and catalyzed resin in creating a material that used for collecting, concentrating, transmuting and radiating all gentle energy into life force (orgone) instead of just to collect, concentrate & radiate unbalanced together with balanced ambient subtle energy. Weltz named the material as “Orgonite.”
I also proceeded to study Native American Indian Crystal healing, Metal Alchemy, and Colour Therapy and trying out these different systems in order for me to be able to link all that I have learnt together so as to make something extremely potent.

 The combination of Orgonite together with the Pulsers made them more powerful to use.  A proprietary mix of gems is blended with minerals to every block of Pulser Orgonite to increase the interactive response.