Orgone Pyramids, Pendants & Coasters

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Each of my pendants now has a radionics pattern of a pyramid engraved into the device. This will enhance the pendant so much that its on par with the energy output of my pyramids. It is similar to the 'Pimats' that are made in Europe. Their research is staggering and its basically all down to the symbol.
These Orgone pendants are surrounded by an Aluminium Casing and Inside each Orgone Pendant I put a base mix of 1 Double Terminated Quartz Point, Kyanite, Shungite Powder, Zeolite Powder, Quartz Sand, Iron Oxide, Selenite, Quartz Powder, Shungite, Pyrite, Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, Tin, Brass and Sun Dried Colloidal Silver.

 You can also use the Orgone Pendant as a dowsing pendulum.

These are probably the most powerful Orgone Pendants that I have created over the last ten years and it’s down to many things, endless prototypes, endless testing different combinations of metals and crystals with friends and fellow colleagues to measure changes in the wearers aura and a person’s health, body & mind. 

The reason this has an enhanced energy is the combination of Aluminium Particles, Iron Oxide, Shungite Powder, Copper Powder, Monatomic Gold (Orme), a magnetic copper coil wrapped quartz crystal along with five other gemstones such as Kyanite, Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds, Lemurians and magnetite.