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Orgone Quantum Tachyon Pyramid Life Force Spiral Energy Nano Metal & 23k Gold Flakes

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Nano Iron Powder & 23k Gold Flakes have been added to this pyramid, due to the very high price I have only added one teaspoon of the metal and a few gold flakes however, this has made a difference to the output of Orgone energy.
Place this Pyramid in your room or hold in your hands whilst meditating to increase your Life Force energy and to inject your auric field with balanced energy. I have filled this pyramid to the brim with Amethyst, Quartz, and Jasper to clear out negative energy. Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Ametrine, and Serpentine prevent any more negativity to enter. Ruby, Merlinite, and Garnet are added to increase the energy of the room or person. Tigers Eye helps the wearer adapt to changes easily.

Due to the Sacred Geometric structure of the crystals inside they will enhance the power of the Orgonite inside the pyramid, this can only be a good thing for anyone in the same room as the pyramid as our bodies will absorb all of the positive energy that shoots out of the device  in every direction.

I have managed to enhance this pyramid after much testing to the point that I truly believe Tachyon sub atomic particles shoot out of the device, these are also referred to as Zero Point energies which will kick-start the body into raising its vibrations laying the foundations to take your mind to the next level of awareness.
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This pyramid is no joke. I wasn't trying to feel anything when I picked it up, but the energy climbed all the way to my shoulder in just a second or two.

Glenn | USA | October 2015

Product Code RED Pyramid SMALL
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