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  • Frequency Wristband 4G, 5G, EMF and Radiation Protection

    Frequency Wristband 4G, 5G, EMF and Radiation Protection

    NOW WITH THREE YEARS OF FREQUENCIES & ACCESS TO YOUR OWN PORTAL IN A FEW MONTHS WHERE YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH FREQUENCIES ARE SENT TO YOUR WRISTBAND. One of my good friends Anwar Craven, he has developed a new amazing frequency wristband which is linked to one of the most powerful frequency generators ever developed. £5m pounds and Over 10 years of research into this technology has resulted in him developing this amazing wristband with a frequency chip which links to the main generator. The generator alone costs over 1m and you are getting this amazing frequency every 12 minutes 24 hours a day! Its Newly Designed World First Technology delivering natural resonance frequencies into the human bio energy field. This band delivers the original stress and energy balancing formula.
  • Heart Orgone 5G/EMF &  Ascension Pendant

    Heart Orgone 5G/EMF & Ascension Pendant

    This Ascension device has a primary functionality of Ascension raisong your vibrational frequency to the next level, this will also protect your auric field as its secondary functionality is EMF, 5G and  radiation harmonisation - this will be excellent to wear all the time or a few hours a day, these can even be placed in your pocket or bag, as long as its within a metre of your body then it will benefit you.