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Orgone Spiritual Love Acceptance Self Love Peace Healing Heart Pendant

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This Orgonites is customized to create a romantic relationship, help an existing one or enhance self-love.
It includes the love stones Rose Quartz and Emerald. Jade brings in some extra luck, while Moonstone and Selenite help you connect to our intuition in the process of finding love. Malachite comes in to ease you through the transition. Hematite, Amber, and Sunstone bring in some extra energy for the process. And finally Blue quartz and Turquoise are used to block any negative influences in the way or your love.
I also offer a Pyramid with the same stones, try putting a picture of a loved one or someone you are trying to attract under the pyramid or pendant to attune the goal to the frequencies. I also enclose a meditation guide to help speed things up too.
The Photon Orgone Pendant will help improve the following:
Revitalize Feelings
Opens your Heart Centre
More Confidence
Attract a Partner
Block Self Sabotage
Remove Blocks to Romance
Increases Self-Acceptance
Learn to Love Yourself
Easier to Forgive
Attract True Love, Passion & Trust
Remove Love Blockages
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Product Code RED PENDANT