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Plant Growth Stimulators

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These devices have been specifically designed to help plants grow faster and stronger. I have found that Ogonites with specific crystals aid specific plants to grow faster and help yield more crops. Crystals can also be very effective in the garden to help your plants flourish. As humans and animals vibrate, so do plants. Carefully choosing Orgonites to place in the soil can bring wonderful results I have now perfected my Orgonites to help increase plant growth based on the following research:

I can make any of the following in specific combinations for you to meet your needs just add a note at checkout to let me know what plants you want them for and I will tailor them to your requirements.

Rose Quartz for roses. Blood stone for Cherries, red and black Berries and Honeysuckle.

Amethyst, Fluorite and Lepidolite for Blue and Purple fruits, magical herbs such as Lavender, Sage and Basil.

Red and Orange with black stripes stones such as Tiger Eye are good with Garlic, Quince, Mustard Cress, Lilies, Gladiolas, Pansies and black Violets.

Citrine, Peridot and Fluorite for Lemons and Citrus Fruits.

Carnelian and Pyrite for Summer Salads, Mint, Peppers, Tomatoes, Nasturtiums as well as Poppies. Rhodonite for Lettuces and Celery and Tulips.

Aventurine for Apples and Pears. Moss Agate is associated with Natures Spirits and will help you to attune to your garden use as a good all rounder to enrich the soil and produce abundance for plants.

Moonstone harnesses the moons energy to bring calmness and fertility to your plants keep a piece in your pocket when gardening to enable you to enjoy your connection to the Earth.

All natural crystals and gemstones “vibrate” with their own individual frequency, called the piezoelectric effect, meaning can amplify, channel or flow the energy. The energy emanating out of the crystals is clear and integrates with human aura. Feng shui utilises this energy to help energy flow through a space to create a harmonious and calm environment.

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Lin Mai from China

I love product, make my crop grow very fast. I grow wheatgrass in house place 1 at each corner of pot and grow very nice in few weeks bigger than before

Product Code green hearts x 4
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