Power Energy Saver Tower Buster

Product code: 4 large blue domes

I was inspired to make this device by someone on a forum and it works very well indeed. Mine is slightly different it’s basically a towerbuster with a single terminated Quartz point facing down, below that is a small piece of magnetic copper wire in an arch shape, below that I have layered Quartz, Jet, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian powder they also have small Kyanite and Selenite pieces to stop it from becoming sodden with negative DOR from the electricity boxes. I would recommend placing these on, under or around your electricity generator/meter. It’s also going to be worthwhile placing them on any appliance that uses a lot of energy.

How Orgonite reduces the use of electricity is not really clear other than it really does work, I believe it works in a combination of both ways below:

1. The Orgonite naturally harmonizes and distributes Orgone energy and once it’s placed on top of an electrical appliance it will stop the leakage of energy wastage, which I know definitely happens with microwaves this is why you are not advised to stand near one when it’s being used. Each electrical item is bound to leak electricity nothing is completely 100% electricity tight. The Orgonite placed on the top distributes the electricity properly within the unit thus minimalizing the leakage of electricity.

2. Another theory is that the Orgonite piece reduces the friction within the wires of the Electricity meter thus making the unit more efficient, this will enable the electric to flow better along the wires making the whole system more efficient. This making the wires that the electric travel down more conductive and efficient.

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Product Code 4 large blue domes
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