Psychic Ability Meditation Technique


1) Gratitude - Make sure every day you are grateful for all your past, present and future success in attaining your desires & intentions. This is a powerful key which will skyrocket results in combination with all my Photon Orgone Manifestation devices. You have been guided by the universe to find me. Cultivate a very grateful attitude for everything and everyone in your life. This should be practiced daily.

2) Giving - Donate a little money every month to a charity, special cause or person(s) and continue to donate more and more as your income increases. Donate your time, resources and advice without needing to be prompted to help. This is a very powerful one. Just doing this alone by itself and using my device alongside will change your life powerfully. Do not underestimate this recommendation.

3) Kind Loving Positive Expectation Thoughts - Only harness thoughts in your mind that are positively loving and expectant of your intentions & desires. Even if things look bad just expect it to work out. You do not need to have a conscious knowledge of how things will work out. Just expect it all to work out for the highest good. Leave the details up to the universe.

4) Release & Detachment - Try not to be attached to your intentions & desires. Be detached as much as possible. This means you need to cultivate a mentality that your intentions will manifest but if they do not manifest it will not hurt you. It's like a sort of don't care attitude about your intentions. It sounds hard to do but I promise you if you can practice this you'll see very HUGE results with manifestation very soon. Practice makes perfect! Most of my long term clients have already mastered Release & Detachment so when they submit manifestation.


Firstly, I would recommend you to sit or lay in a dark quiet place.

Make sure you switch off everything that gives off electromagnetic energy such as Mobile/Cell phones, wifi wireless internet routers, TV’s, radios. I also recommend creating a hexagon shape around you using my Radiation protectors, this will help block out all other electromagnetic energy, thus enhancing your connectivity to the cosmos, successful connection with the cosmos will bring a more successful Manifestation.

To commence manifesting Hold the device in your right hand (if you are lying down hold it on your stomach or  if you are sitting in a meditation pose then hold in your hand  whilst resting your arms on your thighs) and begin to control your breathing, listen to yourself breathing in and out do this for 50-75 cycles, make sure your mind is totally clear, if you find your mind wandering don’t worry just try to clear your mind again, continue this process for 5-10 minutes, once you feel totally relaxed imagine yourself floating up into space on a cloud, going very slowly on the way up on your soft fluffy cloud imagine what you want to manifest. (You can wish for as many things as you like but only do one per day) I’m going to use increasing your Psychic ability as an example but the truth is you can use this technique for almost anything. If you want a improved intuition imagine being able to visualize things before it happens or reading someone’s mind, if you imagine something totally unobtainable then do not wish for it, imagine being psychic, imagine how happy it makes you feel, to be able to become psychic, try and imagine it down to every detail, o what you wish to improve. Visualize this process over and over again at least ten times. Once you have completed this process thank the cosmos for listening to your wishes and also thank the cosmos for this amazing world that we live in. I would recommend taking around 5-10 minutes to carry out the actual Manifestation. Once you have finished his process continue to stay relaxed, put your device down and continue this process every day. You may not achieve your wishes instantly; they may take months to arrive.

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