Psychic Attack Protection Domes X 4

Product code: 4 large black half sphere
These Orgone Generators are best suited for a medium to become protected, or anyone under psychic attack, the victim of voodoo or for a person with a haunted home.

It helps earthbound spirits pass on and protects you from being attacked by any negative energy.
This Orgone device is best suited for a medium to become protected, or anyone under psychic attack, the victim of voodoo or for a person with a haunted home. It helps earthbound spirits pass on and protects you from being attacked by any negative energy. Quartz cleanses the energy of a home. Serpentine, Alum, Beryl, and Chalcedony block negative energies from taking over. Garnet, Ruby adds positive energy to the homes atmosphere. Angelite helps connect the other stones energies to the other side. Coral and Mica promote understanding between the earthly and the spiritual protecting the home and creating peace.

Please place these generators around you when you are experiencing difficulties or permanently place them around your bed.

I have also added chiastolite cross as this repels evil spirits and alien entities you may encounter.

Attract positive spirits
Block negative spirits
Cleanse the room
Make channelling easier and safer
Block negative energies
Remove blocks
Block any negative energy from attaching
Enhance calm and relaxation
Keep wearer adaptable to changes in plans

Due to the Sacred Geometric structure of the crystals inside they will enhance the power of the Orgonites inside the device, this can only be a good thing for anyone in the same room as the device as our bodies will absorb all of the positive energy that shoots out of the pendant in every direction.

After researching and using a Kirlian camera the aura was noticeably brighter and larger if used continuously over a period of two months. Chakras have also become more balanced and attuned for the user of the Photon Orgone device and many people have noticed an increase in their sixth sense by making better business or personal decisions.

Below is one of my testimonial from a customer who has been buying from me for last 8 months they are a family of psychic's, I know they had some real bad problems with negative spirits and witchcraft before purchasing my items and from what I have been told it’s been resolved:
"I first found out about the existence of Orgone earlier this year in 2011. For several weeks I was searching the internet to see who was offering products but also the background of its story and the creator, Wilhelm Reich.

I was most intrigued about Orgone and its properties and more so due to the ‘events’ surrounding the history of Wilhelm Reich and his untimely death. After weeks of searching I came across Photon Orgone products which instantly drew my attention and more importantly resonated with me the most. I found that this was the only place in the UK that not only goes through such stringent lengths in making Orgone but also gifts Orgone around the country.

I decided to order the geometry healing and protection cube and observe any activity.
Without going into too much personal detail I will list here the very specific experiences I have had.

Vivid dreams and dream recall
Improved physic ability
Implant removal
Higher self connection
Spirit guides connection
Optimistic mind-set

As I have had such positive results I decided to purchase more products from Photon Orgone and gift them to friends and family. They too continue to benefits from using pyramids or cubes in meditation and even during healing work.
I highly recommend Photon Orgone to everyone whether you’re are a healer, physic or none of the above!"
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These look really nice and they are very high vibration orgonite. Suli is the real deal, I would only buy orgonite from him. Very good at protection. Placed at each corner of bed and where the ghost appears. Not seen it or heard it for weeks.

John | UK | August 2015

Have bought orgones before, never seen one like this. Strong grid for my bed. did not accumulate any negative energy even after 2.5 weeks.

Suffering from involuntary astral travel in sleep, with harmful entities waiting there every time. thisis the only thing that works. will buy the pyramid and more to boost these. noticed better energy n health too. thank you. so grateful!

gwen | malaysia | December 2018

Best psychic attack protection

Thank you for this wonderful product Suli! From all the products I got to help me in this area over the years, this was the absolute best. I had problems with spirits, entities, etc. as I can hear them. However, the day I received the domes and placed them at all four corners, I had restful sleep. This has also helped me to get accurate readings compared to before when there would be interference from spirits, etc. I believe this is a must for everyone who is trying to help this world be a better place as the dark forces often try to send things to those who have good intentions for humanity, animals and the world. I plan to get the pyramids in the near future as well. I love this Suli's products. All of them work 100% and are the best out there.

Lynn | Hawaii | February 2020

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Product Code 4 large black half sphere
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