Psychic Attack Protection Pyramids, Pendants and Domes

These Psychic Attack Protection devices are best suited for a medium to become protected, or anyone under psychic attack, the victim of voodoo or for a person with a haunted home. It helps earthbound spirits pass on and protects you from being attacked by any negative energy.

Quartz cleanses the energy of a home. Serpentine, Alum, Beryl, and Chalcedony block negative energies from taking over. Garnet, Ruby and Chiastolite cross add positive energy to the homes atmosphere. Angelite helps connect the other stones energies to the other side. Coral and Mica promote understanding between the earthly and the spiritual protecting the home and creating peace. 

  I have also added chiastolite cross as this repells evil spirits and alien entities you may encounter.
  Attract positive spirits
  Block negative spirits
  Cleanse the room
  Make channeling easier and safer
  Protect the space
  Block negative energies
  Remove blocks to healing
Block any negative energy from attaching
Enhance calm and relaxation
  Keep wearer adaptable to changes in plans
  Feel happier