Sacred Geometry Multi Use Devices "Geo Orgone"

I have been studying the effects of sacred geometric shapes within Orgonites for the past 15 years and have come to the conclusion that the more sides, intricate shapes, perfect points and tips seem to give the device a greater power. Once these sacred shapes have been combined which my knowledge of Ancient Native American Indian Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy you will behold an amazing device.

I wanted the full colour spectrum to radiate out of these devices from every direction, something which I have wanted to do for the last few years but until now it had eluded me. I had tried many many combinations of crystals, metals and gemstones. So I worked out which metals, crystals and elements harnessed and radiated the full colours of the spectrum and put them all together in one device thus resulting in my new range of "Geo Orgone"

This device will give of all the colours of the spectrum so it will be a very powerful device because of various frequencies that they generate and the frequencies will reach further radius than any other device I have created before this. 

I truly feel that this is one of the most versatile devices available and that I have created. Colour has a massive impact on our life without us even knowing it, the more balanced of the colours and frequencies of the device is the better and more powerful it becomes. The balance of metals, gemstones and crystals have been chosen based on the principles of colour therapy, of which I have been studying and experimenting with for the last 15 years.

All of the "Geo Orgone" devices can be used for the following:

Chakra Alignment
Zen Meditation
Cosmic Ordering - Manifestation - Visualization
Psychic Protection
EMF Protection