Smart Meter, Mobile Phone, WiFi Router Harmonising Devices

The resin casing of the Tower buster will attract and draw negative orgone energy into the device. This negative energy (EMF's) is caused by anything wireless, using electricity and battery operated this disrupts our auric field. Once the negative energy is within the device the metals repel the energy creating a push and pull effect, this causes a friction within the device and as the energy builds within the device it shoots out in every direction and as the energy is moving out of the device it is pushed through the gemstones and crystals within the device they will then turn the energy into positive orgone energy.

I make Towerbusters with Titanium, 23k Gold Leaf Flakes, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Tin, Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite, Black Obsidian, Pyrite Dust, Hematite, Shungite and Quartz power.

These Photon Orgone Towerbusters can also be used for gifting cell/mobile phone antennas and anything that generates negative energy. When you place these devices you are gifting that space with positive energy the negative or dead energy will be changed to positive a balance is created creating a more peaceful harmonised energy.

I enclose a full instruction guide but here is some possible locations I recommend placing your towerbusters
Place at each corner of your bed
Put one either side of your windowsil and another in the middle.
Place on every electrical device
Place on or under your plug socket
Create a Hexagon shape around you whilst meditation
Place one under your bed
Carry them with you in your bag or car
Place under bed for better sleep
Put on the perimeter of property to cleanse it
Place in corners of a room to protect it
Place near cell towers to block the negative effects
Grid them on your property for protection
Create an orgone grid by placing one every 3 feet around your property
Benefits from using Photon Orgone Devices
Block negative mind control transmissions
Cleanse area of negative occult energies
Place near cell towers or power lines to neutralise
Create an optimal atmosphere
Cleanse the energy of a large area
Attract positive energy to a property
Prevent Chemtrails from polluting
Help crops grow
Remove poisons, germs, and biological influences
Block harmful radiation
Create peaceful energy
Reduces Radiation caused by wireless technology
Reduces The Affects Electro Magnetic Fields
Electricity leakages from Tv's, Microwaves etc
A instruction guide will be provided with all purchases giving you strategic locations as to where to put my Photon Orgone Tower Busters.