Tensor Harmony 144 MHZ Sacred Cubit Rings

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The tensor ring actually possess infinite energy source which is not magnetic or electric. The output produced provides benefits and healing to living things. Its a superconductor that effectively neutralizes any magnetic field whole bringing coherency in terms of chaotic situations. It also produces measurable effect of gravity.
This frequency works on all Physical aspects on Earth. 
  • It helps to materialize ideas, so can be used with Meditation, Manifestation, Visualisation & Cosmic Ordering.
  • Attracts abundance.
  • It has a vertical energy field. This depends on how the ring is positioned; it it’s on the floor on the top of the head the energy released is vertical; no matter how is positioned the energy flows from the center of the ring in a straight line.
  • Divine Feminine energy.
  • Helps Grounding.
  • Represents Elements Water and Earth.
  • 1/8 cubit rings and infinite hearts are perfect for children and pets. Place on pet’s collar or as a bracelet, key ring or pendant for child.
  • Works the 4th Chakra and connecting beings to Mother Earth. Place directly on Chakra whilst meditating.
  • Best to eliminate maleficent energy grids on ground – Hartmann & Curry Grids. Put 4 spheres (1/8 or 1/4 cubit) in the 4 corners of your bedroom - 2 of the 144mhz and 2 of the 177mhz – and 1 in 188mhz at the center of the room, floor or in the ceiling; this will cancel the geopathic stress lines (Hartmnn and Curry Grid, ley lines, water lines, etc); if you wish you can put inside the 4 corners spheres a piece of Black Tourmaline or Shunguite Crystals and in the center sphere always a white crystals like Selenite;
  • 1st frequency that everybody should wear.
  • Can be worn by itself or together with the 177 MHz (Lost Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment Cubit Also Called New Cubit) on a pendant.
Construction Of A Tensor Ring

Each Tensor Ring has been lovingly made with high quality and purity 99.999% Copper wire with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 - 5mm. They all have a nice copper shine finish and very sturdy.

When you start to cut pieces of wire to particular length referred to as Cubit length, the wire will act or resonate as transformer to unique cosmic energies and then draw this energy to the wire. There are numerous different Cubit lengths utilized by modern civilizations through diverse ages. On a phone conversation with physicist Spurling last February 2005, Slim stated that he had found out that old Egyptian Royal Cubit with measures 54mm+/- 2 mm is more useful for bio-physical energy.

This formed a non-polar pole of light. The next condition, which is the second condition, for the formation of a functioning Tensor Ring is the span of the wire. A lot of people is familiar and heard of the Cubit that is defined as a component of measure as of megalithic structures approximately the entire globe. The exacting Cubit span for the Spurling Rings came from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

When the wire is coiled, you actually trigger orgone (Chi, Prana – has many different names) energy into spiral movements. If coil is being laid out on the flat plan, energy will be scattered vertically and laterally. If the coil is stretched to vertical plane, one will get vertical and cone-shaped spiral on top of spiral in unique vortex fashion.

Benefits Of Tensor Rings

There are actually numerous uses of tensor ring such as the following great advantages when using these tools:
  • Harmonisers can neutralise radiation, chemtrails and mind control if used with a frequency generator
  • When the ring is put under the bed, it effectively neutralizes negative fields of geo-pathic origin
  • The ring can also be utilized to increase meditative state and improve manifestation success
  • It can effectively clean an aura when slowly lowered from the head going down to the foot and reaches the back part of the body
  • It is beneficial for bones in a faster way
  • It can potentate and neutralise chemicals in water by setting the bottle over and under the tensor rings
  • It can keep the swimming pool clean by placing the ring at the pump
  • It can also be used in shower head
  • Placed within a vesica piscis symbol form right under the massage table will enhance relaxation
  • It can efficiently increase gasoline performance
  • Its beneficial for joint pains
  • Ideal for wellbeing and over health
  • Tensor Finger rings, pendants and bracelets have been reported as reducing stress
  • Beneficial for mental as well as physical pain if directly placed on area of question
  • It may enhance recovery process during illness or injury
  • It decreases stress due to EMFs or harmful electromagnetic field
  • It can perfectly energize and clear water
  • Good for the environment and animals
  • Reduces pollution in the surroundings
  • It can purify water if a ring has been placed over and under water source
  • It can even harmonize the environment and the community as well
  • Can be used as relentless storm abatement and weather modification if used with a frequency generator
  • Ideal to use in agriculture
  • It can improve soil quality
  • Helps in production of quality and larger crops
  • Increase plant vitality & growth
  • Can also be used in pest and insect control
  • Removes smell and taste of Chlorine and Fluoride from water
  • Improves the taste of drinking water
  • Keeps fruit and food from spoiling for longer
Harmonizers seem to boost human consciousness through pulsing cosmic L-field or light field which possess positive harmonizing energy. A person’s energy is actually set in motion which continues along with its presence. Everything and everyone can actually get affected but in an optimistic manner. In fact, the more the world has light in it, the more chances it can support increasing people’s consciousness.

Locations To Place Tensor Rings

You can place a Tensor Ring in almost any location and see improvements the secret is trial and error, sometimes a smaller ring may be enough to neutralise negative energy or to improve meditations or manifestations then again you may need a larger ring or a ring made from a different cubit as each resonates at a different frequency. So the best thing to do is try and try again as I have many different cubits as each will give different properties available such as Lost,Sacred, New, Kings (Royal), Empowerment, Solomans, Black, Energy, Galactic, & Remet Cubits.
  • Under cushion or meditation mat whilst meditating or manifesting
  • On fingers and wrists to protect against radiation
  • Around neck for meditation, chakra alignemt and radiation protection
  • Harmoniser Outside or inside connected to frequency generator to neutralise chemtrails and weather modification
  • Underneath and ontop of fridge freezer, cooler, microwave, oven, as they all give of radiation and carbon minoxide
  • Place under glass of drink
  • On top and underneath drinking water tap or place over forcet
  • Water Tank underneath and ontop
  • Under food storage cuboard
  • Place one ring around each electricity socket
  • Can be placed within orgonite devices, chembusters, cloudbusters to amplify energy or sit devices within the ring
  • Used with radionics machines
  • Television, Laptop or Monitor
  • WiFi Router - Underneath and Ontop
  • Sky or Tivo Box
  • Xbox, Playstation or other games consoles
  • Attach to wireless headsets, controllers etc
  • Mobile, cell phones - anything wireless
  • Electric Powerpacks
  • Under bed, pillows, mattress, sofa seats
  • Place under plate of fruit, food on each shelf in fridge/cooler
  • Putting around each light switch will reduce the effects of electric feedback from dirty electricity
  • One ring per lamp or light but not directly on the bulb as it may melt the ring or cause short curcuit, lamps and lights are a high source of radiation
  • Place over smart meter, electricity box, gas intake pipe - Please do not open anything or tamper with pipes or boxes as it masy be illigal in your country
  • Tensor Generator are best if hung in each corner of your room to give an amazing energy and clear area for healing, reiki, manifestation, sleep etc
  • PC & Printer
  • Carry in pocket, wallet or bag
  • Wear as a pendant or keyring
  • Place on each chakra when laying doown meditating
  • Underneath and on top of boiler
  • Attach to drinking or bath Water intake pipe
  • Place at each corner of bath
  • Attach rings to showerhead
  • Place underneath babies cot, not inside as they may swallow smaller rings and choke, so please be careful where you put them
  • On dog or cats collar as they suffer badly from radiation
  • Place underneath plants pot or ideally bury in soil
  • Put them all around the garden for plants, fruit and vegetable plants to flourish, also increases the soils properties

Potentized Water

Tensor rings actually augment energy even to an ordinary glass of water through missing electron replacement although it tends to strip whenever water flows throughout the pipe. The potentized water can emit light that is noticeable by people. Question is how does this thing glow? Actually, the tensor ring amplifies the water’s energy in order for the outer electrons to quantum jump. Hence, the electron that is displaced isn’t a steady state which actually needs to go back to its original location. When electrons fall back, it emits photon so there is blue light seen. The potentized water refers to detoxicant which is gradually taken in higher quantities. An individual must never drink excess amount of this because it can upset the stomach. However, there are no claims made but it was reported by a middle aged woman that taking three to four glasses a day has significantly reduced her gray color hair, returning to black color.
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