Tensor Ring Jewelry: Pendants, Rings and Bracelets

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Benefits Of Wearing Bracelets and Finger Rings

Beneficial for evevating energy levels
Protection from Radiation & EMF
Reported as being beneficial for pain relief
Stabalises your bodies natural frequency
Beneficial for severe nerve damage in wrists, thumbs, knees, and shoulders
Neutralises the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies
Compatible with all forms of energy healing and healing devices
Relaxes stiff wrists and shoulders in a few hours
Beneficaial for headaches, reported less when wearing for at least 20 hours per day.

Tensor Rings generate a toroidal vortex (an area of turning movement where the stream takes on a toroid shape). The Tensor Rings also figure the area called the tensor field transversely the breach of the Ring.  Tensor Rings are created and made from copper wire.