Tensor Rings 1/8 - 3.5 x Full Cubit

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Each Tensor Ring has been lovingly made with high quality and purity 99.999% Copper wire with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 - 5mm. They all have a nice copper shine finish and very sturdy.

When you start to cut pieces of wire to particular length referred to as Cubit length, the wire will act or resonate as transformer to unique cosmic energies and then draw this energy to the wire. There are numerous different Cubit lengths utilized by modern civilizations through diverse ages. On a phone conversation with physicist Spurling last February 2005, Slim stated that he had found out that old Egyptian Royal Cubit with measures 54mm+/- 2 mm is more useful for bio-physical energy.

This formed a non-polar pole of light. The next condition, which is the second condition, for the formation of a functioning Tensor Ring is the span of the wire. A lot of people is familiar and heard of the Cubit that is defined as a component of measure as of megalithic structures approximately the entire globe. The exacting Cubit span for the Spurling Rings came from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

When the wire is coiled, you actually trigger orgone (Chi, Prana has many different names) energy into spiral movements. If coil is being laid out on the flat plan, energy will be scattered vertically and laterally. If the coil is stretched to vertical plane, one will get vertical and cone-shaped spiral on top of spiral in unique vortex fashion. 
  • They all protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging of cells.
  • Smaller sizes can be worn as pendants, on the pocket, inside the purse, on pet´s collars, and can be used for protection & healing, etc.
  • 1/8 cubit and ¼ cubit rings in 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz Empowerment/New Cubit are the perfect pendant trio rings to wear.
  • Medium sizes can be worn on the wrists, placed under the car seats, under the pillow, used to energize water/drinks, food, placed inside the fridge, energize water when placed over water hoses or irrigation systems and block negative EMFs emitting from smart meters; Remove pain and/or support healing for your cat, dog, they can even Increase fuel economy if placed on top of where the tank is in your car.
  • Bigger sizes are best to put under the bed, under the mattress, outside in the garden, under the therapy table; Benefits include reducing fatigue and stiffness on long road trips; They draw in positive life force energy; remove blockages, dissolve Energetic Implants, open and clear chakras (especially the high heart chakra).  "Align" antennas.  Assist to release Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve us; Work perfectly for aura showers and clearing, and for grounding.
  • Increase mental clarity and work within the spiritual realm.
  • 333 MHz is not good for a person to wear by itself and is also not good for animals to wear; its used for sound healing sessions.