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Tensor Tetrahedron Vortex Generator Harmoniser Frequency Antenna

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  • Use indoors and outdoors.
  • The Royal Cubit has a vertical energy and is best used for cleaning the air; put next to it a clear glass of water and change the water every day;
  • The Lost cubit has a horizontal energy and can be put outside too; is best used to reduce storm severity, restore water and soil, Increase size and quality of crops, to create harmony where there is animosity.
  • The empowerment cubit is still under study, but it does all that the other cubits do and seems to be the best one to use under or above a healing table.
  • Needs to be 50cm’s far from any wall or obstacle for better effects;
  • Amplify its range by playing meditation music in 432 MHz, sacred solfeggio frequencies, or with singing bowls for example; minimum 2 hours a da. For better results, 24hours x 7 days a week. This was will also clear the air of the outdoors area, like the chemtrails.
  • Use it under a massage table, or therapy table, with a clear glass of water and change the water after each patient. You can also use a cotton cloth with few drops of aromatherapy oils in it to help the healing or clear the environment. Put the cotton piece in between the rings.
  • Meditate with it using positive intentions, affirmations.
  • Use it on the body of the patient, or on yours, to align each chakra.
My harmonisers are capable of neutralising Chemtrails and other harmful toxins in the air by connecting the best frequency generator called Velleman Instruments HPG1 1 MHz Pocket Function Generator to the pyramid and researching the correct frequency to set it to by reading this book called The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists by Brian McInturff. 

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