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Tensor Trio Pendant 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz New/Empowerment Cubit

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  • They all protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging of cells.
  • Smaller sizes can be worn as pendants, on the pocket, inside the purse, on pet´s collars, and can be used for protection & healing, etc.
  • 1/8 cubit and ¼ cubit rings in 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz Empowerment/New Cubit are the perfect pendant trio rings to wear.
  • Medium sizes can be worn on the wrists, placed under the car seats, under the pillow, used to energize water/drinks, food, placed inside the fridge, energize water when placed over water hoses or irrigation systems and block negative EMFs emitting from smart meters; Remove pain and/or support healing for your cat, dog, they can even Increase fuel economy if placed on top of where the tank is in your car.
  • Bigger sizes are best to put under the bed, under the mattress, outside in the garden, under the therapy table; Benefits include reducing fatigue and stiffness on long road trips; They draw in positive life force energy; remove blockages, dissolve Energetic Implants, open and clear chakras (especially the high heart chakra).  "Align" antennas.  Assist to release Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve us; Work perfectly for aura showers and clearing, and for grounding.
  • Increase mental clarity and work within the spiritual realm.
144 MHz cubit - aka Sacred or Royal cubit.

This frequency works on all Physical aspects on Earth. 
  • It helps to materialize ideas, so can be used with Meditation, Manifestation, Visualisation & Cosmic Ordering.
  • Attracts abundance.
  • It has a vertical energy field. This depends on how the ring is positioned; it it’s on the floor on the top of the head the energy released is vertical; no matter how is positioned the energy flows from the center of the ring in a straight line.
  • Divine Feminine energy.
  • Helps Grounding.
  • Represents Elements Water and Earth.
  • 1/8 cubit rings and infinite hearts are perfect for children and pets. Place on pet’s collar or as a bracelet, key ring or pendant for child.
  • Works the 4th Chakra and connecting beings to Mother Earth. Place directly on Chakra whilst meditating.
  • Best to eliminate maleficent energy grids on ground – Hartmann & Curry Grids. Put 4 spheres (1/8 or 1/4 cubit) in the 4 corners of your bedroom - 2 of the 144mhz and 2 of the 177mhz – and 1 in 188mhz at the center of the room, floor or in the ceiling; this will cancel the geopathic stress lines (Hartmnn and Curry Grid, ley lines, water lines, etc); if you wish you can put inside the 4 corners spheres a piece of Black Tourmaline or Shunguite Crystals and in the center sphere always a white crystals like Selenite;
  • 1st frequency that everybody should wear.
  • Can be worn by itself or together with the 177 MHz (Lost Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment Cubit Also Called New Cubit) on a pendant.

177 MHz cubit – aka Lost Cubit.

This frequency works on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Etheric aspects. The Lost Cubit is a more complete frequency than the (Sacred/Royal Cubit) 144 MHz, and is stronger and more powerful.
  • Calming, soothing, good to sleep with under the pillow.
  • Great for meditation; Lay down and place on forehead. This will also Balance brain hemispheres.
  • Plants grow happier with this frequency; Place one in your plant pot.
  • Element Earth and (A) Ether.
  • Perfect for troubled environments, for schools. Place in child’s satchel or under/inside pillow and each corner of each room.
  • It has a horizontal energy.
  • Balanced Feminine and Masculine Divine energies.
  • Works the 4th and 6th Chakras; Place directly on them during meditation.
Can be worn by itself, together with the 144 MHz (Sacred/Royal Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment/New Cubit).

188 MHz cubit - aka The New or the Empowerment Cubit. 
  • This Frequency works with the Spiritual.
  • Synergies well with the 144 MHz (Sacred/Royal Cubit) and 177 MHz Lost Cubit; Can be worn together as a pendant.
  • Essential in healing therapies.
  • Connects with the “Invisible” Spiritual Guides, Protectors, Cosmic Healers, Angels, & Earth Elementals.
  • Divine Feminine Energy.
  • Earth Element is Fire.
  • Perfect for people that use their voice a lot, like singers, teachers, public speakers, etc.; Place directly on Throat chakra during meditation or as pendant.
  • Works the 5th and 6th Chakras; place directly on them during meditation.
  • Must not be worn by itself; needs to be together or with one of the 2 others frequencies, Sacred/Royal, Lost Cubit or with both at the same time.
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Georgi Vasilev from London

Life Saver

From the moment you put it on you start to feel the benevolet energy field that is generated. It can be mildly uncomfortable at the beginnig as the field can feel a bit strong for some people as it really gives an extra energetic boost, but after you tune in it becomes comfortable. Extremely helpful as it neutralizes anxiety attacks and nervousness and as consciousness is located in different areas of the body, stimulating the heart charkra it helps in the making of more decisions from there. Many Thanks!!!

Aura from UK

Well made item. The energies are subtle but very shifting. I have been using it for a few months and experiencing deeper meditations, especially with astral travel & past life work. Always used all three rings together as one unit.

Product Code TRIO PEND
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