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This will be available completely FREE for the PDF version and if anyone wants to order a physical copy they will be £9.99 plus P&P when-you-start-to-cut-pieces-of-wire-to-particular-length-referred-to-as-cubit-length,-the-wire-will-act-or-resonate-as-transformer-to-unique-cosmic-energies-and-then-draw-this-energy-to-the-wire.-there-are-numerous-different-cubit-lengths-utilized-by-modern-civilizations-through-diverse-ages.-on-a-phone-conversation-with-physicist-spurling (Slim Spurling was the founder of these lengths and thus created tensor rings) last February 2005, Slim stated that he had found out that old Egyptian Royal Cubit with measures 54mm+/- 2 mm is more useful for bio-physical energy.

The Lost Cubit (596.6714 mm or 23.491 “of Hans Becker is found to be more helpful and useful in mental and emotional energies. Since two coals are being added to bigger generators, it has been decided to create a single coil based on the length of Royal Cubit and second coil mainly based on the length of the Lost Cubit of Hans Becker. 

Any multiple Cubit unit length will make the desired outcome. Individuals can also utilize a ¼, 1/3  or the ½ fraction of cubic length to provide them with the same resonant effects however, typically not as strong as the total length of the cubic unit. Depending in the gauge of wires that were utilized, I can typically fit a triple or a double multitude of cubit to the HHg or TB.

When the wire is coiled, you actually trigger orgone energy to spiral movements. If coil is being laid out on the flat plan, energy will be scattered vertically and laterally. If the coil is stretched to vertical plane, one will get vertical and cone-shaped spiral on top of spiral in unique vortex fashion.

For HHgs, both the cone-shaped and wide spiral coil was added enclosing the five crystals and the flat and plane coil, which is also referred to as pancake oil at times placed on the bottom of HHg. Moreover, single-flat coil in the bottom is added for TBs. These two coils presented on the right are discreetly wrapped in configuration that called Saint Buster’s Button Coil or SBB coil which is a name made and given by a man named Don Croft.

What Is a Tensor Ring?

A Tensor Rings Further Observations

Among the best observations that you can notice include:

Always remember that the water changes from very acidic pH to slightly alkaline or neutral. This is in the case that it is left standing in the ring for about twenty-four to forty-eight hours. People must take the time to consider healing as an important solution in this modern day world. As compared before, humans now experience chronic illness, severe pain, and high stress levels. This is due to the reason that the systems of the earth are out of balance. They are not proportion that result to the onset of huge natural disasters.

In order for you to understand it better, quantum physics has revealed that everything is light. With light, there is energy and science has proved it far that all energies are interconnected. All lives are connected and united towards a higher level of balance and harmony. With a high and low vibration, energy continues to increase. This even gets its higher vibration.

All of the energies that can be found on earth are either negative or positive. They can also be detrimental or beneficial. This is in regard with the effect they have on the earth. Unluckily, the modern world is flourished by all of the negative energies. These are brought by the pollution of the water, air and soil. Even the increase in EMF’s is also observed to the environment. The earth is also surrounded by the negative energy grid. This has its huge impact to the whole life and humanity.

All lives and all energies are intertwined. This concept is a must-have concept that should be understood completely. This also highlights the true power of bringing harmony to an area. This can also offer a huge impact to the whole life and humanity.

For instance, if only people can improve the quality of the soil, the plants will then grow completely. They would go back to their natural state. They will become full and healthy because of their beneficial nutrients. These were once lost because of soil pollution.

The produced goods are only equal to the organic goods. These can also be purchased in a health food store.  All people would also get the opportunity of benefiting the most from the natural quality of crops. Apart from it, they can further avoid many different health issues from the continued consumption of unhealthy products that are grown in pesticide-ridden and depleted soil.

Benefits of Tensor Ring Technology

The tools associated with tensor are actually produced through the use of various ancient sacred cubit lengths. In fact, the 20.6 inches sacred cubit was used in manufacturing the first ever tensor ring. In 2000, another measurement called lost cubit was actually discovered by Hans Becker, a genius researcher and inventor who closely worked with Spurling to do research about tensor tools.

He then figured out that this measurement’s resonant frequency works harmoniously with the light’s speed. This only means that it can restructure energy based on a DNA level. After lots of work in evaluation and research, a new measurement was discovered in 2011. The new cubit in the tensor tools was called New Cubit which is significantly used in tensor empowerment rings as well as for other tools. It’s also considered as the ultimate link between the cubit measurements trinity namely: Lost, Sacred and New.

Hence, tensor technology provides simple and natural, yet powerful solution to a lot of problems affecting all life forms in the current generation. In terms of evolution, tensor rings have initially transformed into some tools having unique designs in the course of intuitive and empirical discovery methods. Such tools include acu-vac coil, harmonizer and feedback loop. These tools are superconductors with room temperature that generate positive subtle energies.

However, the tools expand and adapt from time to time due to the changes within the planet as well as the energies produced by the Earth that affect every life form. There are those who tend to be more sensitive than the other when it comes to Earth’s energy. For instance, there are individuals who believe that they actually feel an energy coming right at the vortex. On the other hand, some say that they can pick up earthquake from miles away.

Slim Spurling and his wife Katharina along with a dedicated team have successfully created some new tools. Some have various applications which significantly help in coping up with changes inevitably happening in this planet. There are actually numerous uses of tensor ring such as the following great advantages when using these tools:

Harmonizers seem to boost human consciousness through pulsing cosmic L-field or light field which possess positive harmonizing energy. A person’s energy is actually set in motion which continues along with its presence. Everything and everyone can actually get affected but in an optimistic manner. In fact, the more the world has light in it, the more chances it can support increasing people’s consciousness.

Potentized Tensor Ring Charged Water

Tensor rings actually augment energy even to an ordinary glass of water through missing electron replacement although it tends to strip whenever water flows throughout the pipe. The potentized water can emit light that is noticeable by people. Question is how does this thing glow? Actually, the tensor ring amplifies the water’s energy in order for the outer electrons to quantum jump. Hence, the electron that is displaced isn’t a steady state which actually needs to go back to its original location. When electrons fall back, it emits photon so there is blue light seen. The potentized water refers to detoxicant which is gradually taken in higher quantities. An individual must never drink excess amount of this because it can upset the stomach. However, there are no claims made but it was reported by a middle aged woman that taking three to four glasses a day has significantly reduced her gray color hair, returning to black color.

Benefits of Tensor Rings

The tensor ring actually possess infinite energy source which is not magnetic or electric. The output produced provides benefits and healing to living things. It’s a superconductor that effectively neutralizes any magnetic field whole bringing coherency in terms of chaotic situations. It also produces measurable effect of gravity.

Water Application

Paramagnetic expert Phillip Calahan said that tensor rings can exhibit paramagnetic value which is potentially greater than any object tested. The smell and taste of chlorine diminishes in two to three hours once the ring is placed below or around the water container. It also improves smoothness as well as taste while the water is re-structured. PH levels decrease after twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Just like other water-energizing devices, detox effect can significantly happen with higher energy levels. However, it can reduce appetite and sleeplessness when continuously used.

Water and Tensor Rings

Water needs to change since an oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms should be rearranged through internal geometry to effectively conform new energy levels. The light fields appear to calm the cell membrane in order to enable nutrient, waste and oxygen transport within and outside the cell.

Pollution Clearing and Tensor Harmonizers

Tensor harmonizers actually amplify an electron’s orbital radius within the operation field. With the use of Environmental Clearing, it disintegrates loosened chemical bond. When molecular bonds break down, they tend to become safer. As a result, harmonizers change while carbon monoxide transmutes to nitrogen.

Comfort Application

Reports suggested that it can calm server nerve problems such as in shoulders, knees, thumbs and wrists. It is also known to soothe tension and swelling of injuries. It is used to relieve pain while enhancing the healing ability of the body in terms of illness or injury. The ring can also remediate EMF’s harmful effects.

Other Applications

It can effectively enhance plant vitality as well as growth. When an object is placed in an energetic column, it can amplify the vibratory energy of the object. It can be added or synergized with other energy forms of healing as well as tools for healing. It cleanses crystal while removing static from fabrics. Tensor rings can draw cosmic light and energy force with effects focused on double sided ray of light.

Known as the length measurement, sacred cubit can also be referred to as Pyramid Inch which is used in megalithic world. Tensor rings also create energy vortex which shines out like invisible beams of flashlight. Coining the black hole term, John Archibald Wheeler discovered a mathematical theory of tensor fields that is actually found within the ring.

According to the Sacred Geometry principles which are significantly utilized in the Great Pyramid, light has harmonic frequencies as well as superconductivity. A scientifically certified inventor and researcher Hans Becker discovered that Spurling ring can oscillate at 144mhZ which is a harmonic with the speed of light. Hans also stated that the ring can be a simple yet efficient energy source which is gathered and condensed within the space. Spurling has been channeled in the construction of such tools through the help of other light and love beings.

Properties and Science of Tensor Tools

The tensor fields inside the ring are actually as greater as the ring’s circumference which significantly extends throughout the column up and down but for how far is not yet determined. However, Spurling measured the effects at 10miles. Tensor rings are harmonics of cubits and differ in size.

Ring technology also represents a science which is modern and ancient at the same time. The 20.6 sacred cubit is a controlling element within the construction. It’s in fact the yardstick which is used to build the “Great Pyramid”. However, Lost Cubit appears to be larger unlike sacred cubit. Such measurement has been derived from Earth’s equatorial and polar circumferences sum after being divided into light’s speed.

Bigger rings may be used in clearing and meditation within specific energy fields. They can even be placed within the body to heal injured areas. People can also put it around a glass of water, plants, faucets, and food. The ring can also be buried to effectively eradicate harmful power line grids or what is commonly known as Hartman Grid.

When it is placed at the car’s back seat, the ring can infuse the spine while keeping it unharmed even if the car passes through geo-pathic stress lines. The coil also uses similar principles just like the ring although it has a more induced energy flow. Since the coils draw negative energy and transmutes the energy into positive one, it is highly effective in reducing pain.

On the other hand, feedback loops refer to omega shape and smaller diameter compared to the coil which creates higher velocity of energy flow. Since the loops are pulling out more energy at specific frequency, say for example pain, while returning it to hundred eighty degree Celsius, the original frequencies are actually cancelled.

However, the harmonizers are the combination of the coil and the ring. It significantly emits cosmic light fields having positive output. The 3 rings’ configuration within a vertical level surface and coil at the center will provide toroidal or spherical field. Hence, harmonizers take tensor energies out while radiating great distances.

The harmonizers in the environment decrease the home’s electromagnetic interference, purify the air within the house and improve outer environment. The town, neighborhood and yard within a 15-mile radius will take advantage of an individual’s ring at home. Larger agricultural harmonizers have 65-mile influential sphere while personal harmonizer within a pocket or around someone’s neck has a radius of 5-7’.

With a nose mask, it makes the tenor fields effective for people who have asthma, colds, or allergies. Lotus pendants came from “Seed of Life” which is actually the “Flower of Life’s” base. This serves as a template containing geometrical forms. It’s called “Flower of Life” since it symbolizes the fruit tree’s cycle. Such structure creates musical harmony basis. The distance between the existing spheres located at the mandala is actually identical to the distance between the half tones and tones in music.

It’s also the same as the cellular configuration of the 3rd embryonic division. Such structure creates energy systems and the human body. In fact, it can be considered as life’s blueprint. Wearing the lotus pendant provides excellent rewards. For instance, it can serve as gentle support in terms of self change.

Acupressure tool serves as an ideal harmonic antennae which measures 1/4 Lost Cubit. When it is placed on the acupressure points, the frequencies are actually re-introduced to the human body. Phone rings measure 1/8 Lost Cubit and a single 1/8 Sacred Cubit attached to leather case through adhesive electronic device. When phone rings are attached at the cordless phone’s back, electromagnetic pollutions is limited. This is significantly dangerous to human cells and a great damage to DNA structure.

What’s in a Tensor Ring?

Bill Reid, the partner of Slim, was there throughout the development and discovery of the Tensor Ring. This is even called by them as anti-gravity. Actually, clairvoyants see a consistent flow of energy. For those people who have no idea about this sensitive feeling, this is actually provides its kind of energy.

Even Viktor Grebennikov said tries to prove the existence of CSE. It is when the organism is felt and the instruments were silent. Many people have really felt, seen and experienced this kind of energy. Despite the scientific validation, there always emerges an undercurrent of immeasurable potential. The visionaries of Spurling will continue to soar high and thus, they’ll manifest in this world.

Tensor Ring and its Observations

Hans Becker carefully analyzed the water that is positioned in the energy field of the rings. This was carried out in his private laboratory field. He mainly used a spectrophotometer and he also discovered that the rings changed the optical transmission of the water. In fact, they permit more light to continue to pass through it. And thus, they change the way that photons absorb the water. These only serve as the indications of changes in the molecular structure.

Actually, tensor rings have the capability of organizing the space in their energetic column. This best explains their capability of reducing the inflammation and pain. And thus, the healing response is even more improved.

One of the certain and best uses of this ring is on increasing the level of energy of water. You need to understand that Tapwater almost has twenty-two thousand Bovisunits of energy. On the other hand, the water that is placed in the ring for a few hours reaches one point two million Bovis unit level.

The water that is treated has its lower freezing point. In fact, it also has its different ice structure of crystalline as compared to the untreated water. You need to consider two identical glasses of ice water. Then, you need to place them properly. Put one of the glasses in a ring and the other at a distant. Then, keenly observe the one that melts first. Apart from it, there is one benefit to get from the tensor field. This is none other than the electromagnetic and geo-magnetic field abatement.

The Cubits, Sacred Geometry and Tensor Field

The ring’s circumference is ratios of new, lost and sacred cubits. They are in fact derived from geodesic ancient studies of the relationship of the earth, moon and sun. Sacred cubit is the standard length that is used in constructing the Chamber Pyramid of the King.

Sacred Geometry  

The word “sacred geometry” is frequently used term pertaining to architectural forms. Sacred geometry is applied on those shapes, patterns and proportions that tend to reoccur consistently in nature. Ancients have observed the endless repetitions of similar numerical relationships and have given geometry one divine significance. The entire universe is said to be shaped based on given geometric values. The patterns arrange cells in the human body and then define the distances between planets and stars.

Essence of the spirit can actually be encoded in numbers and measures. These given measurements are linked to the mathematical constants. The slim collected proofs for the broad existence of cubit lengths cited and recorded in ancient world. Sacred Cubit tends to impact the three physical or dimensional conditions and then define solid matter. This got a standard resonant frequency of 144 MHz. This given length carries particular wavelengths and frequencies that restore regulatory bodily functions and promote healing.

Lost Cubit on the other hand has natural resonant frequency that measures 177 MHz.  Whatever it is that people think becomes real. Their consciousness and thoughts create fields and the ancient can attest to this. This Lost Cubit also has to do with physical permanence or longevity. This might contribute to the ability of DNA to change at will. New Cubit tends to sustain mental clarity.

Cubits and Frequencies

The 144 MHz Cubit, also known as Royal or Sacred Cubit originally came from King’s Chamber of Great Pyramid. The Slim Spurling’s Cubit is widely recognized for its function mainly on the physical. The said

Cubit creates standard Tensor Field Generator utilized for effective environmental clearing and amplifying intentions.

The 177 MHZ Cubit, also known as the Lost Cubit was discovered originally by Slim Spurling and Hans Becker. The length of this Cubit was made of a specific mathematical formula. The Tensor Field with a frequency of 177 MHZ is recognized for its exclusive connection with emotional and etheric bodies.

Moreover, the 188 MHz Cubit synergizes perfectly with a 177 and 144. This also works well with Pineal and helps in releasing beliefs and programs. This is utilized for Horse Harmonizer and Grace and Ease Spheres. The 333 MHz Cubit alters the color of sounds and this works pretty well with sound healing. This is also the basis for Dragon Ball, Triality Rings and Soul Spheres.

764 MHZ cubit is one side of 27 inches ring with Black Whole and lack of energy while other side makes a field that is tornado style. This tornado style field usually travels to magnetic North. One can actually alter “polarity” only if outputs are simply by intentions. Slim revealed potential uses of tornado wrestling and teleportation. This also transmutes and pulls in dense energy. It is just probably fair to say that the world might be ready for the Cubit now…

When speaking of Galactic Cubit, this includes two given dowsers connecting to source and asking for Cubit length which they could utilize. They got something that functions unlike other tensor rings. Galactic Cubit links with higher soul self then works with all aspect of the soul. In every twist, you will locate and find Tube Torus. Every person tube, torus attracts negative and positive energy delivering out non-dualistic energy, which is a complete and whole energy. These small toroids also serve as the DNA scrubbers.

Ascension Ring, also known as Light-Ring is a robust tool that manifest from Galactic Cubit. This tool promotes connections of soul with light. Ring technology was rediscovered in 1980s to 1990s by Slim Spurling. This technology is backed by thrilling research which is presently getting considerable attention and enthusiasm from people. Rings are closed and durable loop coils. When rings are made to particular specifications, these are known to amplify restrained energy several hundred times. Rings are originally termed as Light Life Rings and presently, these are known as Tensor Rings. These are simple devices with powerful and intense effects on living biology and water.

Tensor Rings are known to create toroidal vortex, a particular region of rotating movements wherein flow gets in doughnut or toroid shape. The movements across the doughnut’s center consistently rotate through and round the doughnut. Common samples of this particular phenomenon are bubble rings and smoke rings. A completely interesting and informative video reveals toroidal vertices created and produced by volcanoes, whales, dolphins and many more.

Tensor Rings forms tensor filed all across the ring’s opening. The idea of tensor field was comprehensively described by John A. Wheeler, a knowledgeable physicist. He also outlined the mathematical equations and clearly explained their known existence. Wheeler said that if you can view a tensor field, you will notice that this resembles a thin film which forms when the loop is carefully dipped on soapy liquid. The tensor field energy is sometimes not completely understood. Some consider this field as a distortion in space, gravity and time.


Royal Cubit

Undeniably, the most crucial reference for Royal Cubit length is none other than the King’s Chamber in Great Pyramid. This is best preserved, accurately shaped and exactly measured of all known data. The Cubit in Great Pyramid is about 523 mm or 20.62 inches. According to Hans Becker, which is also astrophysicist, resonant frequency of Sacred or Royal Cubit is about 144,000 Hz which is viewed to be harmonic of the light’s speed. This is also considered by some to be a cosmic frequency antenna.

Lost Cubit

This was historically identified by Hans Becker in 2000 in the course of his work with Slim Spurling. Becker stated that Lost Cubit is formerly unrecognized Cubit length which might have been omitted deliberately from oldest records because of its powerful and impactful significance. This vibrates at 177,000 Hz and because of its ability to resonate with earth energy and cosmic energy frequency, Lost Cubit is said to have properties that might affect longevity and DNA. The 20.6 inches Cubit length is utilized to create both Tensor Rings and triskellions. These can be purchased together with exclusive introductory kits from our online store.

Rings and Tensor Fields

Ring Technology, which was rediscovered in 1980s to 1990s by Slim Spurling was supported by exciting and interesting research that is presently receiving increased attention. Rings are said to be closed loop coils and when made accurately based on particular specifications can amplify subtle energies hundred times. Rings are originally known as Light Life rings and now widely known as Tensor Rings. These devices also have intense impact on living biology and water.

As mentioned, these rings make toroidal vortex, which is known as the region for rotating movements where flow usually takes in a toroid or doughnut shape. The movement at the center of this doughnut continues to rotate round and through. Individuals who perceive subtle energy often describe beam of light or energy which pass through the tensor ring travelling for considerable distance on both directions. This energetic beam is capable of organizing spaces within the column. This also includes organizing water’s molecular structure. When water is passed through the ring, its molecular structure turns out to be more organized. The longer this sits within the column, the more refined this structure will become.

Many individuals including the Dancing with Water authors put their waste inside Tensor Ring overnight or even longer. They also position this around showerheads and faucets even on water lines. As the water structure becomes organized, chlorine is being released and pH becomes balanced. The taste of the water also completely improves. Other improvements that seem harder to quantify augment the energy of the water.

One of the means Tensor Ring augments the energy of the water is by paramagnetic influence. Philip Callahan, a paramagnetic expert stated that Tensor Ring shows paramagnetic value several times higher than anything that is ever tested. This simply means that this ring triggers some elements in water to spin into their high-spin state known as ORMUS. This got tremendous impacts on the energetic components and molecular structure of water.

Proof for the existence of ORMUS is apparent in this special experiment. Place water of equal volumes in identical water containers on the balance scale so that they are precisely and equally balanced. Place tension ring over one water container directly. After 24 to 48 hours, the container with the ring on top of it turned measurably lighter( this is  said to be the difference in weight and dependent on the amount and type of salt and mineral that water can possibly enter on high-spin state.)

Read the third chapter of Dancing with Water in order to clearly understand how ORMUS or high spin state can minimize element’s weight. Aside from their effects on water, these rings are also used in augmenting vitality and plant growth. Tensor Rings are also used in reducing pain and inflammation and speeding up healing. No claims can certainly be made. Nevertheless, if rings create coherence or organize space within their active and energetic column, this will explain their ability to minimize inflammation and pain as well as their ability to enhance healing response.

How to Utilize Triskelion’s ( Heddeka ) Coils

The triskele or triskelion, also referred to as Spiral of Life or Triple Spiral is an old symbol with intense and powerful connection to the water. This has an incredible ability to neutralize harmful energies. Many believed that this was the ancient purpose. When created of gold, silver or copper, triskelion makes bio magnetic and bioelectric energy flow which is based on sacred geometry and mathematics.

Placed in or around, the triskelion increases the water vibration. This also creates active and energetic vortices which bring the water’s molecular structure. Triskelion can be utilized alone or in combination with some structuring techniques outlined in the 11th chapter of Dancing with Water. Triskelion can also structure the water with just few hours but this still depends on the size of triskelion and the size of water container.

Authors of Dancing with Water used triskelion everywhere. This is used in structuring tools and devices, water containers, on their pockets, in gardens, around plants and many more. Watch the video of energetic movements with triskelion filmed using Gas Discharge Visualization or GDV.